What type of room would you like? What should you bring? Who should you inform about your admission? What can you expect during your hospital stay? How does the payment work?


For a number of consultations and admission you need to come to the hospital for an advance preventive screening for COVID-19.

Preventive screening takes place 24 hours in advance, and with an appointment. If you need to come in for a screening, you will be informed by telephone by our admission department.

Read more about the screening

Arrival and departure

Kiss-and-ride area

The kiss-and-ride area for collecting and dropping off patients, is no longer located at the central reception hall. Use the kiss-and-ride area in the visitors' parking (follow the blue arrows). Follow the signs for the Gasthuisberg campus from the ringroad onwards.

Taxi services (inclusing secondary transport) are allowed to drop off and collect patients from the central reception hall.

After admission to a non-COVID-19 ward you can collect the patient at the door of the ward. The kiss-and-ride area in the visitors' parking is at your disposal for this. You can park half an hour for free. Wheelchairs are available from the kiss-and-ride area and in the reception hall.


When you arrive from the visitors' parking the different flows will be split up in the glass walkway. Follow the signs ‘Day patients, inpatients and visitors’. You will arrive in the reception hall where you can register. You don't have to see reception staff first.

Face mask during your stay

A face mask is compulsory in the hospital as of 12 years of age.

  • Bring your own face mask and wear it as soon as you enter the hospital.
  • During your hospital admission you will be given a surgical face mask every morning.
  • Wear the face mask when travelling through the hospital, e.g. when you go for an examination and during every contact of care within 1.5 metres.
  • When you're alone in the room, you can take of your face mask.
    • In a double room, this is only allowed when the minimum distance of 1.5 metres between roommates can be respected. For example you cannot eat together at the same table.
  • Are you taking off your face mask? Put away carefully in the kidney basin.

Face mask for visitors

For visitors, a face mask is mandatory from 6 years onwards. Bring your own face mask and wear it upon entering the hospital.

Guidelines for visitors

Food and drink

It is no longer possible to eat in the visitors' cafetaria of the campuses. The take-outs on all campuses and the coffeeshop on the Gasthuisberg campus are also temporarily unaccessible.

For a bite to eat or a drink, the vending machines on all campuses are at your disposal.


Guidelines for visitors: modified arrangements

Limited visiting is allowed. The guidelines for visiting are different for each campus. Striclty follow the guidelines on visiting.

Guidelines for visiting and rooming-in on paediatric wards

The following arrangements apply to all paediatric wards. 

Rooming-in (parents staying the night)
Only one parent, always the same, can stay the night for the duration of the hospital admission.  


  • Visiting is allowed once a day.
  • Only one parent can visit (the rooming-in parent not included).
  • Brothers and/or sisters are not allowed to come along. 
  • Visitors stay in the room.

Face mask

  • Wearing a mask is compulsory as of 12 years of age
  • Parent and child bring their own face mask and wear it upon entering the hospital. 
  • During the hospital admission, your child will be given a surgical face mask every morning. 
  • Parent, both the visitor and the rooming-in parent, have to provide their own face mask at all times. 
  • The face mask has to be worn when travelling through the hospital and every contact of care within 1.5 metres. 
  • Both parent staying the night and child can take of their face mask when they are alone. The visiting parent always keeps on his face mask.  

Bringing and collecting personal belongings

Gasthuisberg campus

  • Use the to-and-from desk in the reception hall.
  • Every day between 14 and 20 hrs.

  • Bring everything in a closed, clean bag. Make sure you know the ward number (of the Gasthuisberg campus) the patient is admitted to. All the patient's details will be written down and attached to the bag.
  • If valuable electronic equipment (e.g. laptop, smartphone) is brought in, mention this explicitly.
  • Everything dropped off at the to-and-from desk will be done so at your own risk.
  • Make arrangements with the patient about when you can pick up their personal items.
  • Report to the to-and-from desk (of the Gasthuisberg campus), and tell them from which patient on which ward or department you are collecting personal items. The student collects everything at the nurses' station on the ward or department and give you the items.

Don't bring perishable food, or food that needs to be kept in the refrigerator (e.g. fruit). Only so-called ‘dry foods’ are allowed. An exception will be made for patients with special dietary requirements (e.g. kosher and halal food).

Campus Pellenberg

  • Collecting and dropping off personal belongings is only possible during visiting times.

Preparing your admission

International patients

It is important to make the necessary arrangements in advance with your health insurance policy, so you don't have to waste time on administrative and financial aspects during your admission. Without a payment guarantee or advance we cannot plan a withdrawal for you.

What should you arrange for your admission as an international patient?
Last edit: 18 June 2020