What should you bring? What type of room do you want? Who should you inform about your admission? What can you expect during your hospital stay? How does the payment work?

Preparing your admission

Choosing your room

Your choice of room has important consequences for your hospital invoice. Depending on the room you choose, additional charges and fees will be calculated.

What to bring upon your admission

Always bring your eID and contact details of your next of kin and your GP. Read what else you should bring for a smooth admission, what to bring for your child and what to do in case of an occupational accident.

Whom to inform of your admission

Remember to inform your health insurance provider, hospitalisation insurance provider and your GP as soon as your admission is planned and arranged.

Your stay on the ward

Read more about meals and facilities on the ward.

Rooming in with a patient

If your child is admitted to a paediatric nursing unit, the rooming in of either parent is always possible. In some situations, rooming in with an adult patient is also possible. UZ Leuven also offers some lodging options in and close to the hospital. See all the possibilities here.

Going home

Your discharge from the hospital is always determined in consultation with the attending physician. Before your dismissal, clearly discuss which care you need to continue at home.

Paying after your admission

You will not need to pay for your admission during your stay in the hospital. There is also no need to pay immediately after your admission: we will send your invoice directly to your health insurance provider and your hospital insurance provider first. You will then receive an invoice for your personal share.

Want to know more about the ward?

The information on this page applies for every hospital ward. More information about specific arrangements, services and contact details you can find on the page of the ward. 

Check the overview of the hospital wards

International patients

As an international patient you have to register online first to plan a consultation, treatment or admission at UZ Leuven. You can register on this page. Find out what other procedures are required.

What should you arrange for your admission as an international patient?

Dropping people off and picking them up

Patients or visitors who have trouble getting around can be brought or picked up at kiss-and-ride zones.

  • There is a kiss-and-ride zone:
    • at the East entrance (Toegang Oost) - on the ring road, follow the arrows towards P Oost
      This K+R zone will remain accessible even during the roadworks. To drive away, follow the signposts at the works.
    • in Parking West (next to the West entrance: Toegang West) - on the ring road, follow the arrows towards P West
      The ticket you received when you entered will also be used when you leave. You do not need to stop by the pay machine.
  • At these K+R zones, you can briefly leave the car to accompany or pick up a patient to or from the hospital access area.
    Want to accompany a patient to the consultation or the unit itself? Then park your car in car Parking Oost or Parking West.
  • There are wheelchairs in the car parks and at the entrances.
  • For day hospital surgery, choose the K+R area at Toegang Oost.
  • There is a separate K+R zone for emergency services. 


Check in at the registration desk in the reception hall. You don't have to register at reception first.

Last edit: 11 January 2024