Do you have to be screened? What should you bring? What type of room do you want? Who should you inform about your admission? What can you expect during your hospital stay? How does the payment work?


The kiss and ride zone where patients can be picked up or dropped off is located in the visitor car park (follow the blue line).

Taxi services (inclusing secondary transport) are allowed to drop off and collect patients from the central reception hall.


After admission to a non-COVID-19 ward you can collect the patient at the door of the ward. The kiss-and-ride area in the visitors' parking is at your disposal for this.

  • You can park half an hour for free.
  • Wheelchairs are available from the kiss-and-ride area and in the reception hall.


When you arrive from the visitors' parking the different flows will be split up in the glass walkway. Follow the signs ‘Day patients, inpatients and visitors’. You will arrive in the reception hall where you can register. You don't have to see reception staff first.

Preparing your admission

International patients

It is important to make the necessary arrangements in advance with your health insurance policy, so you don't have to waste time on administrative and financial aspects during your admission. Without a payment guarantee or advance we cannot plan a withdrawal for you.

What should you arrange for your admission as an international patient?
Last edit: 9 March 2021