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What can you find on mynexuzhealth?

More possibilities via the mynexuzhealth app

The mynexuzhealth app provides even more possibilities:

  • Access to your medical record, anytime and anywhere
  • A quick and simple way of registering in the hospital
  • Notifications in the waiting room when it is your turn
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Access to patient records

Yes, as a parent you can have access to your child's record. The procedure depends on the age of the child.  

Read about getting access to your child's record.

Yes, but only if the patient gives his proxy.  

Read how the patient can give you access to his record

Only UZ Leuven staff and care providers in nexuzhealth hospitals involved in your treatment have access to your record. You can also give access to your GP or referring care provider. 

Read more about who uses your record.

You can grant or revoke certain types of access to your record. U kunt zelf bepaalde toegangen tot uw dossier verlenen of intrekken. 

Read more about how to decide who gets access to your record.

Last edit: 4 September 2023