Transcript of or access to record

View your patient record via the web and app

You can access your patient record online via the secure web application mynexyzhealth and the mynexuzhealth app. You can log on via a mynexuzhealth code card or an e-ID.

Via mynexuzhealth you have online access to validated final reports of e.g. examinations, radiology scans, consultations, hospital admissions, functional measurements or lab results.

Only reports from after 15 August 2016 are accessible through mynexuzhealth. For information from before that date, please follow the steps below to request a transcript of your record.

Apply for a transcript (copy)

As a patient you can apply for a copy of your medical and nursing record. Complete the form for requesting a transcript of your medical record.

Access after death

If the patient dies, access to the patient record is only possible indirectly via a medical professional. Use the form requestion access to the medical record. .

Who has access to your patient record?

Staff at UZ Leuven

Staff at UZ Leuven can view your record, as long as they are directly involved in your care.

Care providers at another nexuzhealth hospital

UZ Leuven has chosen nexuzhealth to manage your central record. Other hospitals may use the same system, so if you are treated in another nexuzhealth hospital, your patient record will be shared with your care providers there. As it is important for your attending doctor to see to all information on your condition, you cannot object to the fact that attending care providers at other nexuzhealth hospitals have access to your record.

The number of nexuzhealth hospitals is still growing. You can find an up-to-date list on

GP or referring care provider

Through secure online applications, your GP or referring care provider (specialist, clinical biologist, dentist and so on) can also view your nexuzhealth patient record at their practice. Your GP automatically has access to your nexuzhealth record, but other referrers need permission to view your record. Using nexuzhealth’s secure online application, you can manage the access your GP and other referrers have to your records.

What are the benefits for you as a patient?

Thanks to the shared record, you no longer need to reiterate which examinations and treatments have already been performed when you visit your GP or other hospitals. As such, your attending physician will always have a full overview of your condition. This helps us provide high-quality care, prevents duplication of examinations and makes referrals between nexuzhealth hospitals much easier.

What does this mean for your privacy?

Your shared medical record is well-secured. Only care providers directly involved in your care have the right to access your record.

Personal access to your records

As a patient, you can access your record via or the mynexuzhealth app.

More information is available on

eHealth platform: Your record with other Belgian care providers

The government has launched secure communication channels through which all care providers involved in your care can exchange your medical details at any given time. As such, care providers who do not use nexuzhealth can access your medical details through this platform.

This exchange of health data can only take place with your one-off consent. You can give your consent via:

More information can be found on

How can you decide who has access to your record?

Your patient record is only accessed by your attending care providers at UZ Leuven and the nexuzhealth hospitals, for the duration of your treatment. This is part of the overall care package we provide. You cannot object to this level of access.

Your GP automatically has access to your UZLeuven/nexuzhealth record. If you do not want this to be the case, you need to explicitly object.


Other referrers do not have automatic access. If you would like to give them access to your UZ Leuven/nexuzhealth record, you need to provide consent.


  • directly at the referrer’s practice
  • at the UZ Leuven registration desk
  • via mynexuzhealth

If you are happy for UZ Leuven to make your record available to other care providers under the eHealth scheme, you need to provide one-off consent. These care providers will also only be able to access your record if you are currently being treated by them.


You can deny healthcare providers access to your file. We call this the 'exclusion' of a healthcare provider. Read all about exclusions on the nexuzhealth website.

Last edit: 12 September 2022