You will be informed about visiting times in the nursing department when you are admitted. Exceptions to normal visiting rules must always be discussed with the nurse in charge.

In order to respect the peace and quiet of all patients, we ask that visiting times be kept short and that the number of visitors be limited to a maximum of two per patient at any one time. Visitors are also requested to leave the room when the doctor visits or during care procedures.

Planned tests, treatments, rehabilitation exercises and other activities sometimes take place during visiting hours. Please bear this in mind and notify your visitors as well.

Visitors can use the cafeteria, the coffee shop and the drinks vending machines. If you and your visitors are using the day room, please maintain order, peace and quiet here too and observe the no smoking rule.

Never allow children to roam the corridors unsupervised; they can easily get lost or find themselves in dangerous situations. Staircases, escalators and lifts are also not play areas.

For hygiene reasons, pets are not permitted in the hospital, including in the reception area. Guide dogs are permitted and may in certain cases accompany you to the patient’s room. Information about this can be obtained at the reception desk.