House rules

Can you smoke in hospital? What about alcohol? Are pets allowed? Are you allowed to film or take photos in the hospital? Read our house rules.

Smoking ban

There is a general smoking ban in all campuses.

Smoking is only permitted in the smoking area outside the hospital:


  • Campus Gasthuisberg: next to the main entrance and next to the building "vrouw, kind en erfelijkheid"
  • Campus Pellenberg: in the smoking area next to the entrance or in the large smoking area next to the bus stop

Alcohol and drugs

The use of alcohol and drugs is not allowed.

Huisdieren zijn niet toegelaten

Household pets

Pets are not allowed in the hospital, including the reception hall.

However, assistance dogs are allowed and may accompany you to the room in certain cases. Please ask at reception.

Patients staying at Gasthuisberg campus for at least 7 days can have their dog or cat visit the pet visiting room under certain conditions.



Quality care is respectful care.

That is why there is zero tolerance for verbal and physical aggression at UZ Leuven.

Foto’s, films en geluidsopnames

Photos, films and sound recordings

To protect the privacy of our patients, visitors and staff, there are rules for taking videos, films and sound recordings.

Recordings: what's allowed and what is not?

  • Making an audiovisual recording must never interfere with the provision of care.
  • You are permitted to take photographs, video and audio recordings of yourself in the hospital. However, your recordings must not include identifiable images or sounds of others (patients, visitors or staff), unless they have provided consent.
  • You are not permitted to photograph or film staff badges, computer screens or screens with photos of patients or staff.

Recordings of others: always ask for permission

Do you want to make recordings in which others can be recognised?

  • Always ask permission from those persons.
  • Tell them what you want to do with the photo, film or sound recording. You may not use them for anything other than what you were given permission for.
  • If someone refuses or cannot give permission, you may not take a photo, sound or film recording of that person.

Be careful with online sharing

What you post on the internet is and will remain findable. Do not do anything on social media or the web that could harm you or others. Deal with it respectfully when someone asks to remove a photo or film.

Your photo in the patient record

Your eID photo will be added to your medical record when you register at the hospital for the provision of efficient healthcare.

Your photo on the call screen

  • Your profile picture on the on-call screen increases efficiency in consultation.
  • When you first register, you are given the choice of whether or not to display your photo on the call screens.
  • You can change this permission at any time via mynexuzhealth or with an enrolment officer.

Recordings in the context of patient care

  • Audiovisual recordings that are made in the context of quality patient care are kept in your patient record.

Fire safety

To reduce the risk of fire in the hospital and especially in the rooms, we would like to ask your attention and cooperation for the following guidelines:

  • Do not use your own electrical appliances such as fans, coffee machines, kettles and other household appliances in the hospital.
  • Only appliances strictly necessary for personal hygiene such as an electric toothbrush, shaver and hairdryer are allowed. These should be undamaged and in good condition. The appliances must bear a CE mark.
  • Only charge mobile phones, smarthphones, tablets, powerbanks, computers, game consoles and the like during the day with their original accompanying chargers. While charging, place these devices on the bedside table or table and not in or on the bed.
  • It is strictly forbidden to burn real candles.
Last edit: 26 February 2024