House rules

Smoking ban - Alcohol and drugs - Pets - Photography, video and audio recordings

Smoking ban

A general smoking ban applies at all campuses.

Smoking is only permitted in the smoking area outside of the hospital.

Alcohol and drugs

The use of alcohol and drugs is prohibited.


Pets are not permitted in the hospital, including the entrance hall.

Assistance dogs are permitted and may accompany you up to your room in certain cases. To find out more, simply enquire at reception.


Quality care means respectful care. As such, UZ Leuven operates a zero-tolerance policy towards verbal and physical aggression.

Photography, video and audio recordings

To protect the privacy of our patients, visitors and staff, certain rules apply to photography, video and audio recordings.

Recordings: what is permitted, and what is not permitted?

  • Audiovisual recordings must never jeopardise the provision of care.
  • You are permitted to take photographs, video and audio recordings of yourself in the hospital. However, your recordings must not include identifiable images or sounds of others (patients, visitors or staff), unless they have provided consent.
  • You are not permitted to record underage children.
  • You are not permitted to photograph or film staff badges, computer screens or screens showing photos of patients or staff.

Recordings including others: always ask for consent

If you’d like to make any recordings in which other people can be identified:

  • You must always ask for their consent.
  • You should explain what you intend to do with the photos, video or audio recordings. You must not use them for any other purposes than those the others have consented to.
  • If someone refuses or is unable to provide consent, you are not permitted to take photographs, video or audio recordings which include that person.

Take care when sharing online

Anything you upload to the internet will remain accessible, so do not upload anything to social media or the internet that may harm you or others. If someone asks you to remove a photograph or video, respect their request.

Your picture in the patient record

  • Your eID picture will be added to your medical record for the provision of efficient healthcare when you are admitted to the hospital.
  • Via you can change your profile picture. Only use a recent, recognisable picture of yourself.

Your picture on the screens

  • Having your profile picture on the screen increases the efficiency during the consultation.
  • At the first registration, you will be given the choice to show your picture on the screens or not.
  • You can change your consent at any given time via mynexuzhealth or with any of our admission staff.

Recordings with a view to patient care

  • Audiovisual recordings that fit within high-quality patient care are saved in your patient record.
Last edit: 14 January 2022