About UZ Leuven

As Belgium’s largest university hospital, UZ Leuven wants to push boundaries by combining specialised care and innovative treatment with humane attention and respect for every patient. Every day, almost 10.000 passionate employees provide the best customised care possible.

At UZ Leuven, future care providers and employees are guaranteed high-quality training, with a view to life-long learning and innovation. As a pioneer in clinical research, the hospital also contributes to future patient care.

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UZ Leuven invests in tomorrow's healthcare

For a university hospital, innovation is indispensable. By continuously investing in research, new treatments and state-of-the-art technology, UZ Leuven has secured a top position in a lot of disciplines either in Belgium or internationally.
At UZ Leuven the patient always takes centre stage. Our assignment is to provide every patient with the best care. A humane and personal approach is key. Respect for one another is essential which is why UZ Leuven also invests in its employees, so that they can give the best of themselves every day.
In addition to patient care and training, academic research is a key assignment for UZ Leuven. The close bond with the KU Leuven and the hospital's location on the Health Sciences Gasthuisberg campus ensure that UZ Leuven can be counted as world class for a lot of medical and biomedical research disciplines.
UZ Leuven does not stay on the sidelines. Networking and community building with other healthcare players is an important mission. The expertise the hospital has at its disposal, is being shared and exchanged with other hospitals, referrers, care homes, GPs and other healthcare providers.
Training tomorrow's doctors and care providers is one of the core assignments of a university hospital. The link and the exchange with the KU Leuven make UZ Leuven one of the largest medical training institutes of Flanders. With a clear vision UZ Leuven wants to remain a healthcare pioneer.
Together we break ground

Vision: our goal

Push boundaries together

  • by consulting the patient, give him the best possible customised care.
  • paving the way to tomorrow's healthcare with leading research and excellent training.
  • by making UZ Leuven the work place so that every employee can bring out the best in him.

Values: what we stand for

  • Collaboration
  • A passion for our assignment and our work
  • Warm hospitality and respect for all patients and for one another
Vision and values of UZ Leuven

In our annual report you will find an extensive overview of our key figures of the past year.

Identification file

Every company has the legal obligation to make its organisational details available in a transparent way. UZ Leuven provides this information in its identification file. 

Identification file
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Last edit: 29 February 2024