Medical council

The medical council is an advisory body for legally determined subjects. The medical council consists of 16 members, elected by all voting hospital physicians and masters of dentistry. The 17th mandate is filled by a representative of the physicians in training.


  • Prof. dr. Dirk Timmerman chairman
  • Prof. dr. Daphne Hompes vice-chairman
  • Prof. dr. Anja Van Campenhout secretary


  • Prof. dr. Tom Adriaenssens
  • Prof. dr. Paul Clement
  • Prof. dr. Johan Coolen
  • Dr. Herbert Decaluwé
  • Prof. dr. Robin Lemmens
  • Dr. Philippe Meersseman
  • Prof. dr. Björn Meijers
  • Dr. Steven Pans
  • Prof. dr. Filip Rega
  • Prof. dr. Christine Vanhole
  • Prof. dr. Pieter Vermeersch
  • Prof. dr. Peter Witters
  • Prof. dr. Wim Wuyts
  • Dr. Jonas Brouwers representative of the physicians in training
Last edit: 5 February 2020