Investing in people

At UZ Leuven the patient always takes centre stage. Our assignment is to provide every patient with the best care. A humane and personal approach is key. Respect for one another is essential which is why UZ Leuven also invests in its employees, so that they can give the best of themselves every day.
Investeren in mensen
UZ Leuven is one of the driving forces behind the Health Sciences Gasthuisberg campus. On the outskirts of Leuven, one of Europe's largest centres for medicine, biomedical research and training developed itself on a domain of 75 hectares.
The driving force of a large organisation such as UZ Leuven, are the people that work there. Respect for one another is once of the core values of the company. UZ Leuven's policy is to continuously support and stimulate its employees and to invest in the employees' talents and careers.
In terms of patient empowerment UZ Leuven wants to be a pioneer. The patient is an equal discussion partner that shares the decision on his healing process. The healthcare worker and the patient work together as a team for a better health.
To make sure patient participation is not just a meaningless phrase, the hospital undertakes several initiatives to involve patients in the organisation of UZ Leuven.
Our social workers, pastoral staff and intercultural mediators are amongst those that make sure that each patient is supported in various life domains, on top of his individual care.
For UZ Leuven it is very important for its employees to feel good in the workplace: their enthusiasm and motivation are a crucial link for the quality of our patient care. To this end, the hospital creates a professional environment and professional circumstances in which all employees can feel good.

Art and creativity

UZ Leuven believes in the power and comfort of art. In the visitors' corridors of the Gasthuisberg campus, new artists are given the chance to show their work. Art and creative expression are also an important part of the healing process of the patienst in the children's hospital. 


Last edit: 2 June 2023