Investing in people: City life at the Health Sciences Gasthuisberg campus

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UZ Leuven is one of the driving forces behind the Health Sciences Gasthuisberg campus, one of Europe's largest centres for medicine, biomedical research and training. This city-in-the-city is never at a stand-still and is continuously working on a better infrastructure for its patients, employees and students.  

On the outskirts of Leuven ontwikkelde zich op een domein van 75 hectare een van Europa’s grootste centra voor geneeskunde, biomedisch onderzoek en opleiding. What started as a location for a new hospital in the seventies became a pole of attraction for diverse specialists on patient care and biomedical research. At the campus there are scientists and physicians, researchers and nurses, students and lecturers, all working together on innovative healthcare. More than 20,000 people work on the further development of the Health Sciences Gasthuisberg campus, all in line with their own skills. 

Master plan

The expansion and investments on the Health Sciences Gasthuisberg campus follow a thought-out master plan. The buildings are there to serve the people that work in them and the patients that are being cared for in them. Architecturally the choice was for sustainable low-rise buildings, inviting neighbourhoods and a street plan that improves the interaction between the various residents of the community. Connecting roads set out an inviting network between university, research buildings and hospital wards. The diversity in building styles provides an inspiring sensation of city life, with sufficient resting points that invite people to relax and reflect. 

Last edit: 17 March 2021