Investing in research

In addition to patient care and training, academic research is a key assignment for UZ Leuven. The close bond with the KU Leuven and the hospital's location on the Health Sciences Gasthuisberg campus ensure that UZ Leuven can be counted as world class for a lot of medical and biomedical research disciplines.
Investeren in onderzoek

Health Sciences campus

In the heart of Europe, on the outskirts of the century-old university city Leuven, you can find the Health Sciences Gasthuisberg campus. There, on a 75 hectares domain, one of Europea's largest centre for medicine, biomedical research and training took shape. 

The Health Sciences campus is more than a collection of buildings in the same location: it's where scientists, physicians, researchers and nurses, students and lecturers all work together on innovative healthcare. It's where science, patient care, education and entrepreneurship come together and reinforce one another thanks to an inspiring cross-pollination. 

Pivotal for the Health Sciences campus are two partners that take on the challenge daily, to get to the bottom of diseases and to give patients the best possible care. 

UZ Leuven

UZ Leuven is a highly specialised university hospital. With nearly 10,000 employees, it is the biggest and for many domains the most leading university hospital in Belgium. 

Biomedical Sciences Group KU Leuven

The Biomedical Sciences Group KU Leuven includes thousands of researchers that play a prominent part in basic and applied research, both nationally and internationally. .

Cross-pollination between clinical practice and research

International scientists and doctors choose to work in Leuven: it is unique for hospital and research labs to be so close to one another and to be interwoven like that. 

Clinical research is inspired by basic research and vice versa. The hospital as a source of inspiration, a supplier of blood and tissue samples or as a benchmark is an important added value for a researcher. For the doctor, the know-how of a basic researcher is priceless: he can count on substantiated scientific support on his search for the best treatment of his patients. 

The concentration of expertise, knowledge and research in one location, makes the Health Sciences campus an innovation community that emanates on its environment. Researchers of the Biomedical Sciences Group contribute to the results of prestigious research institutions that are also located at this campus, such as the Vlaams Instituut voor Biotechnologie (VIB) and the Rega Institute for Medical Research, world leader in the domain of infectious diseases and immunology. 

Last edit: 2 June 2023