Investing in people: welfare in the workplace

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For UZ Leuven it is very important for its employees to feel good in the workplace: their enthusiasm and motivation are a crucial link for the quality of our patient care. To this end, the hospital creates a professional environment and professional circumstances in which all employees can feel comfortable.

Specific initiatives

In terms of health UZ Leuven wants to offer its people the chance of sufficient exercise and a healthy life-style. It has a policy that promotes cycling to work, there are courses in ergonomics, stress, loss ans mournig, and employees have the use of a fitness room. To promote a good work-life balance, employees have Bringmeboxen at their disposal for personal packages, a nursery and a daycare centre in the summer months.

UZ Leuven also takes initiatives in other domains that help make employees feel about themselves. With more than 150 courses, staff can develop their professional and personal skills.

Last edit: 17 March 2021