Investing in people: patient empowerment

In terms of patient empowerment UZ Leuven wants to be a pioneer. The patient is an equal discussion partner that  shares the decision on his healing process. The healthcare worker and the patient work together as a team for a better health. Patients are seen as 'clients' who are entitled to healthcare, to clear information, to privacy. The 2002 Belgian law on patient rights determined the relationship between healthcare worker and patient, which also benefitted the medical care quality. For UZ Leuven the emancipation of the patient is a positive and irreversible evolution. 

From patient information leaflet to an online medical patient record 

At UZ Leuven there are a lot initiatives to reinforce patient empowerment. Patient information brochures, our own patient magazine and an accessible website ensure reliable and understandable information about diseases and treatments. UZ Leuven healthcare workers are stimulated to takes sufficient time for their patients and to look beyond the purely medical aspect, taking the patient's individual needs into account. Patients are given customised education about their condition and are encouraged and supported to think about their treatment. 

Patients can also directly and safely consult their patient record via computer or smartphone. They can view and follow-up on validated reports, examinations, functional tests and lab results. Making the patient record available online is crucial in the patient empowerment process. 

Last edit: 12 February 2021