Investing in medical innovation

For a university hospital, innovation is indispensable. By continuously investing in research, new treatments and state-of-the-art technology, UZ Leuven has secured a top position in a lot of disciplines either in Belgium or internationally.
Investeren in medische innovatie
Thanks to its innovative and multidisciplinary approach, the Leuven centre for endometriosis gained a place in the world ranking for endometriosis surgery. Endometriosis is a gynaecological disorder which affects an estimate of one in ten women and that can lead to pain and infertility.
The centre for human genetics (CME) at UZ Leuven organises the genetic consultations of the hospital. Patients with a hereditary disorder are provided with advice, a diagnosis and treatment. In addition to the medical part, there is a lot of attention for the social, ethical and psychological aspects.
More and more international patients come to UZ Leuven when they need foetal surgery, a operation or procedure on the unborn child. The centre for foetal surgery in Leuven is one of the biggest in Europe.
In the Leuven cancer institute, doctors, nurses, basic scientists and clinical researchers pool their knowledge and experience in the fight against cancer. Research, therapy and care find another in a reinforced interaction.
Artificial intelligence (AI), which includes machine learning, has more and more applications in the medical world. UZ Leuven also contributes to 'smarter' healthcare for the future.
The UZ Leuven rehabilitation centre, in the middle of the woods and fields of Pellenberg near Leuven, is a leading rehab centre for in- and outpatients. All post-acute rehabilitation patients, with the exception of paediatric rehabilitation, can be treated at the Pellenberg campus.
UZ Leuven has always championed the research into and care of patients with a rare disorder. The search for a treatment of rare diseases is not only a challenge in terms of medical innovation, but is also part of the social task of a third-line hospital.
On 1 July 2019 UZ Leuven became an official Belgian reference centre for both oesophageal and pancreatic surgery. As a result of the high number of patients and the extensive multidisciplinary framework UZ Leuven can guarantee the best possible care for patients undergoing pancreatic or oesophageal surgery.
The Leuven transplant centre is known as a ground-breaker for heart, liver, lung and kidney transplants. The Leuven transplant surgeons were at the leading edge of the current transplant policy in Belgium and is always looking for innovative techniques.
UZ Leuven is the first recognised level 1 trauma centre in Belgium. As a university trauma centre the department wants to guarantee the best care for all victims of an accident, for which quick intervention is often crucial. This is possible thanks to a modified hightech infrastructure of a specialised trauma team.


Last edit: 2 June 2023