Investing in medical innovation: traumatology

UZ Leuven is the first recognised level 1 trauma centre in Belgium. As a university trauma centre the department wants to guarantee the best care for all victims of an accident, for which quick intervention is often crucial. This is possible thanks to a modified hightech infrastructure of a specialised trauma team.

The ER is very close to the operating theatre. At least one of the operating theatres is always left available so that victims of serious accidents can be traated quickly and adequately. But also people with minor injuries, elderly people with fall injuries or children that had an accident receive the best care at UZ Leuven.

The Leuven trauma centre wants to promote a Flemish network for traumatology, in order to drastically lower the number of fatal casualties after a car accident. UZ Leuven wants to be a pioneer and is starting initiatives to set up such a network. Also in the care for victims of accidents, UZ Leuven wants to take up the role of reference centre where quality is assessed and improved continuously with new insights.

Last edit: 16 March 2021