Investing in medical innovation: transplant centre

The Leuven transplant centre is known as a ground-breaker for heart, liver, lung and kidney transplants. The Leuven transplant surgeons were at the leading edge of the current transplant policy in Belgium and is always looking for innovative techniques.

As a result of the large number of patients undergoing a transplant each year, there is very high level of expertise in the transplant centre. The Leuven lung transplant centre is largest of the Benelux and has survival rates that are nearly 30 per cent higher than the average worldwide figures. At UZ Leuven, the five-year survival rate after a lung transplant is at 80 per cent, while the worldwide average is at 55 per cent. Patients with a liver transplant also have a higher chance of survival compared to the European average. After five years, approximately 80 per cent of the Leuven patients is still alive, and after 10 years still 70 per cent.

In 2019 UZ Leuven was officially appointed European training centre for abdominal organ procurement and liver and kidney transplants. This makes UZ Leuven the only Belgian centre that can train Belgian and international transplant surgeons for liver and kidney transplants UZ Leuven as awarded the accreditation for its good medical results and because it performs sufficiently procedures annually to be considered as a reference centre.

Last edit: 3 February 2022