UZ Leuven officially recognised as a European liver and kidney transplant training centre

24 May 2019
On 22 May 2019, UZ Leuven was officially recognised as a European training centre for abdominal surgical removal and liver and kidney transplantation. This makes UZ Leuven the only Belgian centre accredited to train Belgian and international transplant surgeons to perform liver and kidney transplants.
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UZ Leuven is now an officially recognised training centre for abdominal transplant surgeons.




There are only twelve accredited centres in Europe in total that train transplant surgeons to perform liver and kidney transplants. UZ Leuven is the only accredited centre in Belgium. UZ Leuven was awarded the accreditation owing to its excellent medical results and because it performs sufficient operations each year to be considered a centre of reference.

The accreditation was awarded by the European Union of Medical Specialists (EUMS) following the submission of a dossier and a visit by EUMS auditors to the abdominal transplant surgery and coordination department.

The training of new transplant surgeons will be provided by four members of staff from the abdominal transplant surgery department, prof. dr. Jacques Pirenne, prof. dr. Diethard Monbaliu, prof. dr. Ina Jochmans and prof. dr. Mauricio Sainz.

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UZ Leuven celebrates 5,000 kidney transplants

3 February 2022
Mid-January 2022, the 5,000th kidney transplant took place at UZ Leuven. Prof. dr. Dirk Kuypers, head of the nephrology department, looks back on a couple of historic innovations that resulted in the excellence of the Leuven kidney transplant care programme.
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Perfusion a donor liver prevents biliary tract problems post-transplantation.

5 March 2021
A cold, oxygenated flush of a donor liver on a special perfusion machine prior to liver transplant, results in a lot less biliary tract problems post-transplant. These are the results from a large international trial which UZ Leuven participated in.
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Transplant kidney survival rate improves with new method of transportation

19 November 2020
New research by the Consortium for Organ Preservation in Europe (COPE) has found that a new method to transport donor kidneys, which uses a combination of cold perfusion with oxygen, can significantly improve transplant results when compared to cold perfusion alone.
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