The genetic underpinnings of severe staph infections

20 May 2022
In a large collaborative effort, an international team of researchers describes a genetic mutation that predisposes individuals to severe staphylococcus infections. The research, which includes key contributions from Leuven, appears in the latest edition of Science.

Promising first results of new maintenance therapy for advanced or recurrent endometrial cancer

18 March 2022
Researchers announce the first results of a Phase 3 clinical study of selinexor as maintenance therapy for advanced or recurrent endometrial cancer. Compared with the placebo-controlled group, patients receiving the treatment showed a 30% decrease of hazard for progression or death.

Annual report 2021

14 March 2022
The annual report includes a selection from the many 2021 activities and projects. It also includes key figures about 2021 (consultations, admissions, emergencies ...) and a video depicting the past year.

UZ Leuven one of the 50 best hospitals in the world

9 March 2022
Every year, the American magazine Newsweek publishes its list of the world's best hospitals: UZ Leuven comes in on place 45 as the first Belgian hospital.

European quality label for UZ Leuven obesity clinic

8 March 2022
The UZ Leuven obesity clinic has been awarded an accreditation from the European sector federation EASO. As a result of this recognition UZ Leuven will be part of a renowned expertise network for obesity.

Ukraine crisis cell set up at UZ Leuven

2 March 2022
The war in Ukraine is cause for a lot of concern. This is also the case at UZ Leuven. Our hospital pleads for broad solidarity with all victims of a military invasion.

Radioactive cancer radiation from inside out stops metastasis of the tumour

3 February 2022
Via a radioactive molecular cancer drug, injected in the bloodstream, UZ Leuven doctors have managed to stop the metastasis of rare neuro-endocrine tumours. As a result, the chance for further growth significanctly reduced, sometimes even up to 80 per cent.

UZ Leuven celebrates 5,000 kidney transplants

2 February 2022
Mid-January 2022, the 5,000th kidney transplant took place at UZ Leuven. Prof. dr. Dirk Kuypers, head of the nephrology department, looks back on a couple of historic innovations that resulted in the excellence of the Leuven kidney transplant care programme.

Why vaccinate a child between the age of 5 and 11 against COVID-19?

21 January 2022
Have you got your doubts about having your child between the ages of 5 and 11 vaccinated against COVID-19? The UZ Leuven paediatricians provide all the necessary information to allow you to make a fact-based, reasonable choice.

Top Employer 2022

20 January 2022
For the 14th time in a row, UZ Leuven has been awarded the Top Employer Award, an annual recognition for companies with a strong HR policy.

First abdominal wall transplant in Belgium

19 January 2022
At UZ Leuven, two intestine transplant patients were succesfully given a new abdominal wall. This procedure has only been done about 50 times across the world.

Our very best wishes for the new year

31 December 2021
UZ Leuven wishes everyone a year of good health, a lot of human warmth and togetherness. We especially want to wish our patients a beautiful and happy 2022!