UZ Leuven prepares for a potential second corona wave

22 July 2020
UZ Leuven is prepared for a potential second COVID-19-wave. There is plan that can be scaled up should a larger amount of patients need care. At this moment, there is one hospital ward that admits proven and non-proven COVID-19-patients.

90 Leuven test subjects test the Janssen Pharmaceutica's corona vaccine

27 July 2020
Janssen Pharmaceutica has started the first tests of its corona vaccine candidate in humans. UZ Leuven participates in the trial and will administer the vaccine to 90 test subjects.

Leuven researchers warn for high expectations in IVF-treatments

15 July 2020
Leuven researchers have questionned couple undergoing IVF-treatment about their expectations surrounding the result of the treatment. Both men and women often seem to overestimate their chances of succes.

Positive effect of immune reaction to hormone-negative breast cancer less strong in obese patients

10 July 2020
The body of patients with a hormone-negative breast cancer often develops a strong immune response, with a positive effect on the chemotherapy's efficacy. Recent KU Leuven and UZ Leuven research have shown that the degree in which this beneficial effect manifests itself, depends on the body mass index (BMI).

More than two times as many patients qualify for a wireless minipacemaker thanks to new type

15 June 2020
On Thursday 28 May UZ Leuven implanted a new type of wireless minipacemaker in a patient. This was a first in Europe. The new generation minipacemakers allows two times as many patients qualify for this, in comparison with the first generation.

Researchers discover important changes in pulmonary veins caused by COVID-19

3 June 2020
A new trial has shown that COVID-19 causes important changes in the blood veins of the lungs. The deviations in the lungs show that the virus is a lot more harmful than regular influenza.

40 per cent of the worldwide population suffers from chronic gastrointestinal problems

27 May 2020
An international research group has just released the results of a trial about the worldwide prevalence and impact of 22 functional gastrointestinal disorders. The trial was performed in 33 countries over 6 continents and offers more perspective on the diagnosis and treatment of these disorders.

Smartwatches detect deviating sleeping pattern during bed-wetting

26 May 2020
With the help of smartwatches, a recent UZ Leuven/KU Leuven study has revealed that children that wet the bed sleep less efficiently and have more variation in certain sleeping patterns than their peers that don't wet the bed anymore.

Receive your UZ Leuven invoice online

19 May 2020
Patients can now choose to receive their hospital invoice via the online administration platform Doccle and no longer in the mail.

UZ Leuven examines disease progression of COVID-19 in cancer patients

19 May 2020
UZ Leuven researchers led by prof. dr. An Cooseman, specialist in immunotherapy, are starting a new clinical trial. The trial wants to examine how the immune system reacts when a cancer patients gets the coronavirus. Are treatments just as effective? Does the disease progression change?

Transplant patients bring face masks to fellow patients by bicycle

15 May 2020
This week the organisation Transplantoux is bringing all its members a package of face masks by bike. Transplantoux wants to connect transplant patients and encourage them to start exercising. This way Transplantoux links the protection of its members to the sportive connection associated to the organisation.

Watch how UZ Leuven deals with restarting non-urgent consultations and admissions

13 May 2020
ROB-tv reports on the restart of non-urgent activities in UZ Leuven. Patients admitted for at least 1 night or undergoing certain examinations, are being screened in advance in the car. Outpatients can register automatically via mynexuzhealth app.