Irradiation on the heart for life-threatening arrhythmias is Belgian first

26 May 2023
UZ Leuven is the first to radiate a patient's heart to help prevent life-threatening arrhythmias.

Hypertension, an underrated and under-treated problem

15 May 2023
17 May is World Hypertension Day, a day to raise awareness for (too) high blood pressure. And that is necessary, because an estimated 10 million of deaths due to cardiovascular diseases are partly caused by hypertension.

Women with breast cancer can interrupt their hormone treatment to get pregnant

4 May 2023
Good news for breast cancer patients that want to have children: young women with breast cancer can safely interrupt their hormone treatment to get pregnant. They do not have a greater chance of recurrence of the cancer in the short term.

UZ Leuven expands its reference centre andrology

3 May 2023
This year the Leuven training centre for andrology meets the requirements of the three yearly audit by the European Academy of Andrology once again. As such, the centre maintains its position as one of some 25 European centre of excellence for andrology.

Rare inflammatory disease explained

27 April 2023
Genetic and immunological research in a patient with an unknown inflammatory disease in adulthood has given a unique insight in the origin of this type of disorders. The findings were the start of a successful initiation of targeted therapy in the patient.

Donor lungs from over-70s are an equal option in lung transplants

25 April 2023
Leuven researchers confirm that the lungs of older donors offer as good an outcome as those from younger people.

Transplantoux team Belgium scores at the World Transplant Games 2023

24 April 2023
For 7 days, Perth (Australia) was the decor of the 24th edition of the World Transplant Games (WTG), the biggest sporting event worldwide for transplant patients. Led by Transplantoux (TPX) Belgium, the 20-strong Belgian delegation also participated in the games, and successfully.

Data for better primary immunodeficiency care (PID)

20 April 2023
22 April is the start of World PI Week, a worldwide campaign to raise awareness for PID. The campaign pushes for early diagnosis and access to good care for every patient.

UZ Leuven team supports cardiac surgery in Nicaragua for a week

17 April 2023
At the end of January 2023 ten UZ Leuven employees went on a mission to Nicaragua, under the supervision of World Heart Caregivers. Together with the local nurses, they rolled up their sleeves for a week at the operating theatre in the capital Managua.

Why immunotherapy does not work for everyone

13 April 2023
By investigating the immunological environment of various cancers and comparing these with patient data, researchers were able to identify a number of crucial T-cell markers that can predict the response on to immunotherapy.

Intensive endurance sports cause more arteriosclerosis than moderate exercise

4 April 2023
Researchers from various Flemish hospitals examined the relation between endurance sports and arteriosclerosis of the heart. The results confirm the health benefits of an active and healthy lifestyle, but also show that intensive endurance sport does not provide additional protection.

New lab technique helps diagnosis rare systemic diseases

3 April 2023
UZ Leuven doctors have developed a research method to detect new and rare auto-antibodies in the blood. target own proteins or DNA and may indicate towards rare autoimmune diseases. The new technique helps in making the right diagnosis.