Efficacy of deep brain stimulation in obsessive-compulsive disorder

7 February 2020
A recent real-world study confirms that deep brain stimulation is a successful and well-supported treatment for patients with an obsessive-compulsive disorder. The trial included various European centres all trained by a UZ Leuven and UPC KU Leuven team.

Top Employer 2020

4 February 2020
For the twelfth time UZ Leuven has been awarded the Top Employer certification. This is an acknowledgement for companies with a strong HR policy. Every year the Top Employers Institute recognises companies worldwide that are dedicated to creating an excellent HR policy for its employees.

Big data via wearable sensors set to revolutionise heart disease

23 January 2020
An international research project led by UZ Leuven and the KU Leuven is one of the four shortlisted projects competing for a 35 million euro award of the British Heart Foundation. The objective of the project is to develop smart wearable sensors and other technology for heart diseases.

Puzzle helps children to understand their rare genetic disorder

16 January 2020
The Leuven remedial educationalist Ann Swillen developed Piecing the puzzle together, an interactive information package for children with a rare genetic disorder. The object is primarily to stimulate the children, as well as the parents, brothers and sisters, to talk openly about the complex disease.

Leuven researchers to start large scale cultivation of biological bone tissue

3 January 2020
Researchers have succeeded in cultivating biological bone tissue in the same way bone tissue is formed in an embryo. "With this method, we expect the first live implants in patients in four years' time”.

Sharing medical data between hospitals

24 December 2019
Nexuzhealth is a medical partnership between a number of Flemish hospitals. Care providers in nexuzhealth hospitals share patients’ medical dossiers electronically. In the interest of patients, hospitals are legally obliged to maintain patient dossiers that include as much information as possible.

Maintenance therapy for ovarian cancer also effective in other patient groups

23 December 2019
On 19 December, the New England Journal of Medicine, a leading medical publication, published two studies which Prof. dr. Ignace Vergote, head of gynaecology and obstetrics at UZ Leuven, participated in. This relates to 2 phase 3 clinical studies investigating the impact of an existing therapy advanced ovarian cancer.

Oost-Vlaams-Brabant hospital network will henceforth be referred to as Plexus

20 December 2019
On Friday 20 December RZ Heilig Hart Leuven, RZ Heilig Hart Tienen, AZ Diest and UZ Leuven signed up to the statutes of a new hospital network. It will be referred to as Plexus, a medical term for a network or nerves or blood vessels. The name is a symbol of the high quality care hub the hospital network aims to be.

Happy holidays!

19 December 2019
The UZ Leuven management and all UZ Leuven employees wish you a merry Christmas and and a happy new year. During these days we want to surround you with warm care.

European University Hospital Alliance (EUHA) discusses European health policy during fifth general meeting

19 December 2019
The European University Hospital Alliance organised its fifth general meeting at the Hôpital Saint-Louis, AP-HP, in Paris on 4 December. The CEOs of the European University Hospital Alliance (EUHA) meet twice a year.

3 million dollars to fight Crohn's disease

26 November 2019
Approximately 3 in a 1000 people suffer from Crohn's disease, a disorder characterised by intestinal inflammation. Although treatment is available for this disease, not all patients benefit from it. Moreover, even when the treatment is successful, quite a few patients still suffer from abdominal pain.

UZ Leuven awarded four prestigious JCI quality accreditations

30 October 2019
UZ Leuven was awarded the prestigious JCI quality label for the fourth time, an accreditation for high international quality and safety standards. In fact it was the first Flemish hospital to be awarded four different quality accreditations at the same time.