Receive your UZ Leuven invoice online

19 May 2020
Patients can now choose to receive their hospital invoice via the online administration platform Doccle and no longer in the mail.

UZ Leuven examines disease progression of COVID-19 in cancer patients

19 May 2020
UZ Leuven researchers led by prof. dr. An Cooseman, specialist in immunotherapy, are starting a new clinical trial. The trial wants to examine how the immune system reacts when a cancer patients gets the coronavirus. Are treatments just as effective? Does the disease progression change?

Transplant patients bring face masks to fellow patients by bicycle

15 May 2020
This week the organisation Transplantoux is bringing all its members a package of face masks by bike. Transplantoux wants to connect transplant patients and encourage them to start exercising. This way Transplantoux links the protection of its members to the sportive connection associated to the organisation.

Watch how UZ Leuven deals with restarting non-urgent consultations and admissions

13 May 2020
ROB-tv reports on the restart of non-urgent activities in UZ Leuven. Patients admitted for at least 1 night or undergoing certain examinations, are being screened in advance in the car. Outpatients can register automatically via mynexuzhealth app.

UZ Leuven and Materialise work together on a solution for unusable face masks

6 May 2020
Together UZ Leuven and the Belgian 3D-print company Materialise have developed a brace which will make the hundreds of thousands of rejected face masks safe for use. The masks have good filter quality, but not do not fit well on nose and mouth. The brace remedies this.

Large-scale Belgian trial into convalescent plasma for COVID-19 patients

12 May 2020
Belgium will start a large-scale clinical trial with the plasma of recovered COVID-19 patients van start. The trial is collaboration between university and non-university hospitals in Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia, coordinated by UZ Leuven.

UZ Leuven-button for the hearing-impaired eases communication with face masks

11 May 2020
It is compulsory to wear a face mask in the hospital and various public places. This is a problem for the hearing-impaired that often rely on lip-reading and facial expressions to understand their conversational partner. UZ Leuven has developed a button indicating you’re hearing-impaired.

Mobile UZ Leuven team supports the Leuven care homes

10 April 2020
UZ Leuven has undertaken to support the first-line care in Leuven. Today a mobile time took some 85 samples from residents and employees in the Booghuys care home, to test them for COVID-19.

The Plexus hospitals support care homes during the coronacrisis

9 April 2020
The hospitals AZ Diest, RZ Tienen, Heilig Hart Leuven and UZ Leuven, brought together in the hospital network Plexus, are working closely together for the approach and organisation of COVID-19 care. There is also a good collaboration with the care partners from the first line.

Two UZ Leuven physicians in the Topdokters Coronaspecial on VIER

6 April 2020
On Monday 6 april VIER will be broadcasting the second episode of Topdokters corona: a special edition of the well-known programme. Both dr. Philippe Meersseman and prof. dr. Sandra Verelst give a unique view on how they and theire team experience this period. Every Monday at 20.35 hrs on VIER.

UZ Leuven staff send a hopeful message during The Tour against Corona

5 April 2020
It was a special moment: on Sunday 5 April a VTM and Het Laatste Nieuws helicopter flew over the Gasthuisberg campus during ‘The Tour against Corona’. Our message for Flanders was loud and clear: ‘All will be well!’. The message was - unsurprisingly - spelled out in white sheets.

Corona fund: support research into COVID-19

3 April 2020
KU Leuven and UZ Leuven's top researchers are working hard to understand the effect of COVID-19 on humans, to develop and apply curative treatments and find an efficient vaccine. Your financial support can give this research a boost.