Investing in networks

As the largest university hospital in Belgium, UZ Leuven does not want to stay on the sidelines. Networking and community building with other healthcare players is an important mission. The expertise the hospital has at its disposal, is being shared and exchanged with other hospitals, referrers, care homes, GPs and other healthcare providers. 

Investeren in netwerken
With the electronic patient record called KWS, the UZ Leuven IT department put itself on the map as the developers of a modern patient record, which is now being used in more than half of all Flemish hospitals as one big shared medical network.
Apart from the operational partnerships, UZ Leuven has also established an extensive quality network. The Flemish Hospital Network KU Leuven ( Vzn - Vlaams Ziekenhuisnetwerk KU Leuven) is a partnership of 31 hospitals from all over Flanders, that share their knowledges and data with one another.
UZ Leuven's core mission is to contribute to innovating healthcare in the widest sense of the word. For the psychological care the Universitair Psychiatrisch Centrum KU Leuven guarantees quality counselling in case of emotional, psychological or psychiatric problems.
All over Europe big university hospitals are confronted with the same challenges. Which is why UZ Leuven also partners with international leading hospitals.
To guarantee the availability and uniformity of good care for all in the region, UZ Leuven has partnered up with AZ Diest, H. Hart Leuven and RZ Tienen to form a locoregional netwerk in Oost-Vlaams-Brabant. The network was named Plexus.
Creating better healthcare is not a job you can do on our own. This is why UZ Leuven works together with other specialists, across organisational boundaries, in orde to shape the healthcare of tomorrow together.
Outside Vlaams-Brabant UZ Leuven also works together with other hospitals and organisations.
University hospitals have their own missions and needs. Which is why UZ Leuven has also entered into partnerships with other university hospitals.
Last edit: 2 June 2023