Creating better healthcare is not a job you can do on our own. This is why UZ Leuven works together with other specialists, across organisational boundaries, in orde to shape the healthcare of tomorrow together.
The Flemish Hospital Network KU Leuven is a partnership of 30 Flemish hospitals. The goal is to optimise the quality and efficiency of patient care, training, research and management.
UZ Leuven works together with numerous patient organisations to provide even better care and support. Our staff will inform you during your care plan. On this page you'll find a selection of the patient organisations we work with.
The CrossCare project stimulates, support and accelerates innovations in care. CrossCare contributes to the development and implementation of care innovations (product, service, concept) by providing a care testing ground setting and has a fund that can help support innovation projects at its disposal.
UZ Leuven is a member of the European University Hospital Alliance: nine of the best European university hospitals work together to improve the results for patients of today and tomorrow.
Leuven MindGate, the collaboration platform which enables UZ Leuven to be put on the map as knowleddge and health metropolis, is now also relaunched as a non-profit organisation. UZ Leuven is also a partner.
UZ Leuven is one of the founding partners of Mission Lucidity, an interdisciplinary research project with KU Leuven, the VIB and imec which aims to unravel dementia and other neurogedenerative disorders.
Last edit: 10 January 2023