Leuven Mindgate

Leuven MindGate, the collaboration platform which enables UZ Leuven to be put on the map as knowleddge and health metropolis, is now also relaunched as a non-profit organisation. UZ Leuven is also a partner.

Cutting edge sectors

Leuven is a region with a high quality of life and occupies an important position internationally in three cutting edge domains; health, technology and creativity. 

De stad Leuven wil dit gunstige imago bevestigen door in binnen- en buitenland gezamenlijk, sterk en eenduidig te communiceren over de troeven van de regio. Dat doet ze onder de noemer 'Leuven MindGate', een samenwerkingsplatform met diverse innovatieve Leuvense bedrijven, waaronder ook UZ Leuven.

Attractive business climate

By joining forces and by marketing itself as the place to be the city wants to draw top scientists, foreign investors and international funds to Leuven. 

With Leuven MindGate the focus is also on an attractive businees climate which promotes and reinforces quality employment and entrepreneurship. 

29 partners

Leuven MindGate started as a collaboration platform in June 2015. Since then a lot of international partners have visited, e.g. from Japan, Germany, the Netherlands and the USA. From Leuven there have been missions to London, Cambridge, Stockholm, Copenhagen and India. Some of these have already resulted in interesting partnerships. 

Recently the collaboration platform took the form of a non-profit organisation. In total there are 29 partners. Apart from UZ Leuven it includes KU Leuven and companies such as Materialise, Imec, ThromboGenics, VIB, Regenesys and iMinds.

The ambition is to include more partners in the future.


Last edit: 25 March 2021