CrossCare – Accelerates your care innovation

The CrossCare projects stimulates, supports and accelerates innovations in care. CrossCare contributes to the development and implementation of care innovations (product, service, concept) by providing a testing ground care setting and has a fund at its disposal that can help support innovation projects. 

InnovAge, the care testing ground for the Leuven region, is involved as a partner in CrossCare. 

CrossCare provides an accessible road to realising your care innovation on a larger scale. CrossCare is a crossborder project of Interreg Vlaanderen-Nederland and  offers both practical and financial support. Because CrossCare has 6 care testing grounds in Flanders and the Netherlands, care innovations can be tested and further developed by end-users is various target populations. Increase your market across borders, test your product or service in a care testing ground and use the fund Crosscare has on offer!

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Last edit: 25 March 2021