Leuven cooperating group for organ donation (LSGO)


In the ‘Leuvense Samenwerkende Groep voor Orgaandonatie - LSGO’ partnership, UZ Leuven participates on the one hand as certified transplant centre and on the other as a donor centre. 

The LSGO partnership functions in compliance with the ‘collaboration agreement on removing and transplanting organs'  between on the one hand the transplant centre and on the other the respective donor hospitals. This collaboration agreement applies for the whole of Belgium.

Procedures and guidelines

In view of the collaboration agreement, the UZ Leuven transplant centre makes its procedures and guidelines on removing and transplanting organs available online for all the members of the LSGO. 


The members of the LSGO participate to the annual meeting of the UZ Leuven internal transplant council and the collaborating hospitals, organised by UZ Leuven. 


  • LSGO@uzleuven.be

Last edit: 25 March 2021