Investing in networks: integrated psychological care

University Psychiatric Centre (UPC - Universitair Psychiatrisch Centrum)

UZ Leuven's care mission is to contribute to innovative health care in the widest sense of the word. For the de psychological care the Universitair Psychiatrisch Centrum KU Leuven guarantees quality counselling in case of emotional, psychological and psychiatric problems. As a university psychiatric centre this goes beyond patient care: research and training of students, care providers, first responders and researchers are also part of its core assignment.

UZ Leuven chose to bring the psychological care for patients of the University Psychiatric Centre KU Leuven under the vzw, which also has a branch on the Kortenberg campus in addition to the Gasthuisberg campus. wants to work overall with various partners on mental healthcare in the region.

Last edit: 23 March 2021