Investering in networks: electronic patient record mynexuzhealth

With the electronic patient record called KWS, the UZ Leuven IT department put itself on the map as the developers of a modern patient record, which is currently being used in more than half of all Flemish hospitals as on big share medical network. It is an immense asset for care providers, who have the right information at their disposal at any time and regardless of where the patients present themselves. Care providers work together in one shared medical record, preventing patients from having to tell their story time and time again. If the patient consents, GPs and doctors from unaffiliated hospitals can also be given access to the medical record. 

Transparant patient record

Thanks to the mynexuzhealth platform, UZ Leuven patients have access to their own medical patient record. Via a secure website or app on their smartphone they can consult their reports, invoices, lab results, examinations, medical images and personal details online. For a number of treatments, patients get customised information at the exact right times. Doctors can ask their patienst to keep a diary about their disorder in mynexuzhealth. This info is added to their medical record in realtime. Making the patient record online available is an important step in the patient empowerment process, which enabled people to be more involved in their illness and care process. 

With the mobile mynexuz app, patients can register in the hospital upon arrival without having to go through the registration desk or registration booth. The app is aware of the appointment and provide the correct road description to the consultation. The mynexuzhealth app is available for both Android and iOS.

In the meantime, more than twenty hospitals in Flanders have joined mynexuzhealth, a joint venture of UZ Leuven and Cegeka. This makes mynexuzhealth the market leader in Flanders as far as electronic patient records is concerned. More than 30,000 patients use the record in their contacts with the care team, either via the computer or either via the smartphone. UZ Leuven was the first hospital in Belgium to give its patients access to their own medical record via a website and app. 

Last edit: 22 March 2021