Investing in networks: supraregional collaboration

Next generation sequencing (NGS) 

For the new next generation sequencing (NGS) technology, which is a test that checks whether there are genetic modifications in cancer cells, UZ Leuven works together with 14 other hospitals. It guarantees the patient he will always get the same high-quality service for NGS within the network, independent of which hospitals sets the diagnosis or takes on the treatment. 

Oncological network and trauma centre

Together with Heilig Hart Leuven, RZ Heilig Hart Tienen, H.-Hartziekenhuis Lier, AZ Diest, AZ Sint Maarten (Mechelen/Duffel), AZ Jan Portaels (Vilvoorde) and the Imeldaziekenhuis  (Bonheiden) UZ Leuven set up the supraregional oncological network Vesalius. This has to ensure that the care cancer patients receive is always kept at the same high level, thanks to an exchange of the best man power and the newest insights. The collaboration for severe trauma patients was incorporated in a trauma network, where the level 1 trauma centre UZ Leuven ensures that a specialised team is available around the clock to receive patients after a serious accident. u


The UZ Leuven cardiologists partnered up with AZ Herentals, H. Hartziekenhuis Mol and AZ Turnhout. This has resulted in the successful Hartcentrum (Heart centre), which was started in February 2014 and is currently treating more than 3,000 patients from the Kempen region. 

Last edit: 24 March 2021