Investing in networks: locoregional network

Plexus: four hospitals, one network

To guarantee that the right care is available and uniform for all in the region, UZ Leuven has partnered up with AZ Diest, H. Hart Leuven and RZ Tienen to form a locoregional network in Oost-Vlaams-Brabant. The network was named Plexus, a medical term for a network of nerves or arteries. The name symbolises the hub of quality care the hospital network aims to be. The focal point of Plexus is on high-quality care as close to the patient as possible. Key is the continuity of care between the different partners. A sustainable partnership has to enable the hospitals involved to provide better patient-centred care by means of innovation, training and quality improvement in the region. The four hospitals support and optimise one anothers care range, for example by exchanging doctors or concentrating consultations in one location. 

Zorgzaam Leuven

UZ Leuven also invests in valuable first line care projects in the region. Zorgzaam Leuven (Caring Leuven) is a test project in the city of Leuven, in which various care partners work together on establishing new models for chronic care. Home care and residential care, civil services such as the CAW, patient organisations and health insurance funds join forces to provide the best care for vulnerable people with chronic disorders and help elderly people maintain a healthy life-style. The goal is to slow down the rising increase of chronic disorders. 

Short post-partum period project

UZ Leuven is part of the pilot project ‘delivery with shortened hospital stay’, which started in the Leuven area in 2016. It's one of six pilot projects initiated by the cabinet for public health for a short post-partum period. women that have just given birth and their baby get to leave the hospital after 2 or 3 nights in the hospital. To adjust home care to the new situation, UZ Leuven has set up the three-year project together with Heilig Hart Leuven, RZ Tienen and kraamexpertisecentrum De Bakermat. With the cooperation of the Leuven midwives, GPs, gynaecologists, paediatricians, maternity care organisation and Kind en Gezin, pregnant women are being assisted.

Last edit: 24 March 2021