Investing in networks: university partnerships

Collaboration with UZ Gent

University hospitals have their own missions and needs. Which is why UZ Leuven has also entered into partnerships with other university hospitals. With UZ Gent there is an agreement to offer researchers, doctors and lecturers a university netwotrk in which to share knowledge, means and expertise with one another. There is an intense cooperation for paediatric urology and andrology. The permanent training course for hospital management,, is also the result of the collaboration between UZ Leuven and UZ Gent. 

Across the language border 

The construction of the first Belgian centre for proton therapy was for UZ Leuven a double first: it is also the first time that five university hospitals work together, across the language border. UZ Leuven, KU Leuven, Cliniques universitaires Saint-Luc and UCL are investing in the new treatment and research centre and have partnered up with UZ Gent, UZ Antwerpen and UZ Brussel. The interaction with other non-university hospitals in Flanders and Wallonia also widens the scope: thanks to the networks arounf the five university hospitals, ParTICLe (short for Particle Therapy Interuniversity Center Leuven) can reach 80 per cent of all radiotherapy centres in our country. 

Last edit: 24 March 2021