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It is important to make the necessary arrangements with your health insurance policy prior to your admission, so you don't have to waste time on the administrative and financial side of these matters during your stay. Without a payment guarantee or advance we cannot plan an admission for you.

Request payment guarantee for all costs of your admission

  1. Ask your health insurance for a payment guarantee for the total cost of your admission.
  2. Refer to your admission date on this document.
  3. The hospital will send the total invoice directly to your hospital insurance.

Does your insurance request:

No payment guarantee for all costs?

Is a payment guarantee for the total cost of your admission impossible? As an EU-subject you can ask your insurance for a S2-document (formerly E112).

  • The major part of the invoice will be directly settled with your hospital insurance.
  • You will receive an invoice for the costs you still have to pay. This invoice is to be paid to the hospital.
  • Via your hospitals insurance, you can recuperate (part of) these costs afterwards.

Does your insurance request:

No payment guarantee?

You can't provide either guarantee? You will pay an advance at the time of admission. Contact our department that deals with central record follow-up.

Preparing your admission

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Last edit: 13 October 2020