Directions to Gasthuisberg Campus

View recommended routes to reach Gasthuisberg Campus by car, bus, train, on foot or by bike.

There are roadworks on the campus ring road.

  • One-way traffic for cars and buses will apply between Het Teken roundabout and Berg Taborweg.
  • All destinations on campus will remain accessible.
  • Parking Oost has separate entrances for the open-air car park and the covered car park. Follow the arrows to reach your preferred car park.

More info on the roadworks.

By car

Leuven centre

You can reach Gasthuisberg campus via Mgr. Van Waeyenberghlaan.

Via centre to Gasthuisberg campus

Leuven inner ring road

Coming from the inner ring road, you can reach Gasthuisberg campus via Groefstraat, Mgr. Van Waeyenberghlaan and the Het Teken roundabout.

Via inner ring road to Gasthuisberg campus

Leaving the campus via the inner ring road

From Gasthuisberg campus, you can reach the Leuven inner ring road (towards Mechelsepoort, Artoisplein) via Mgr. Van Waeyenberghlaan and Groefstraat.

drive away to inner ring

Inner ring road exit ramp to Gasthuisberg for buses and emergency services only

It is not possible to leave or enter the inner ring road via the on/exit ramp Gasthuisberg.
The on-ramp and exit ramp are only accessible to buses and emergency services, not to normal traffic.

Leuven outer ring road

From the Leuven outer ring road, take the Gasthuisberg campus exit ramp.

(The Gasthuisberg campus exit ramp is located after Mechelsepoort and Brusselsepoort in this direction).

Leaving the campus via the outer ring road

To leave the campus again via the outer ring road, take the ramp to the Leuven ring road.

(After campus Gasthuisberg, successively Tervuursepoort, Naamsepoort, Parkpoort, Tiensepoort follow on the outer ring road).

exit via outer ring road

Motorway (E40-E314)

Coming from the motorway, on the E314 take exit ramp Gasthuisberg (16), exit ramp Winksele (17) or exit ramp Herent (18).

Are you coming in via the E314 from Brussels? Preferably choose exit ramp 17 Winksele-Leuven.
This will ensure the best flow onto the campus ring road during this phase of the roadworks.

More info on the roadworks.

Gasthuisberg exit ramp (16)

After leaving the motorway, take the access road to campus Gasthuisberg.

Gasthuisberg exit ramp (16)

There are roadworks on the campus ring road. Is your destination the emergency department, the surgery day hospital, Toegang Oost or Parking Oost? You will then reach your destination via a diversion signposted on the campus ring road.

If necessary, choose exit ramp 17 (Winksele) as an alternative route.

More info on the roadworks.

From exit ramp 16, follow the diversion to reach Parking Oost and Toegang Oost.

Winksele exit ramp (17)

After leaving the motorway, take the Brusselsesteenweg. When you reach the Leuven outer ring road, turn right. On the outer ring road, take the Gasthuisberg campus exit ramp.

Winksele exit

Herent exit ramp (18)

After leaving the motorway, take the Nieuwe Mechelsesteenweg. When you reach the Leuven outer ring road, turn right. On the outer ring road, take the Gasthuisberg campus exit ramp.

Route from exit 18 Herent

Dropping people off and picking them up by car

There are kiss-and-ride zones for patients and visitors who have difficulty getting around.

More info on kiss-and-ride zones.

By bus or train

Leuven railway station is about four kilometres from the hospital.
At the station, buses leave very regularly for campus Gasthuisberg.

The buses' terminus is at Toegang Oost.

There is no bus stop at Toegang West. From Toegang Oost, walk through the hospital to Toegang West (walking time about 10 minutes).

Changes to De Lijn timetables since 6 January 2024

All existing lines will continue to stop at campus Gasthuisberg.

Additionally, R90 (Brussels North - Leuven via Brusselsesteenweg) now stop at Gasthuisberg campus since 6 January.

Check De Lijn's website and app for more details.

New bus stop location since 6 September 2023

Since 6 September 2023, the bus stop has a new location close to Toegang Oost.

From the bus stop, reach Toegang Oost via the glass walkway. Follow the arrows on site.

The old bus stop has largely been set up as a roadworks zone as part of the redevelopment of the south part of the ring, for which works are now moving more towards Toegang Oost.

Buses via the Leuven ring road or through the city centre

There is a route that goes via the Leuven ring road.

  • Route station Leuven - campus Gasthuisberg: outer ring bus (line 600) on platform 12.
  • Route Gasthuisberg campus - Leuven station: inner ring bus (line 601) on platform 5.

The other lines pass through the centre of Leuven.

These buses leave at the station from platform 2.

Due to roadworks on campus Gasthuisberg, there will be limited disruption to bus traffic.

The bus lines coming from Brussels, Tervuren, Kraainem, Hoeilaart, Overijse, Groenendaal and Kortenberg (410, N5, 70, 595, 317, R90) will stop at bus stop Gasthuisberg Kliniek (= the bus stop at the reception hall of Toegang Oost). They reach the stop by first driving around the entire northern part of the campus ring road from Berg Taborweg.

Check the De Lijn website for the latest information.

On foot or by bicycle

Gasthuisberg Campus can be reached by bicycle or on foot

  • via the city centre (Mgr. Van Waeyenberghlaan)
  • via the Leuven ring road
  • coming from Winksele via the cyclists' bridge over the E314.
    For safety, traffic is regulated by traffic lights at the on-ramps and off-ramps.

There are two bicycle parking facilities for visitors: one at Toegang Oost, one at Toegang West.

Directions to the car parks.

Impact of roadworks on pedestrians and cyclists:

  • Pedestrians must use the footpath across the campus ring road for their movements between Het Teken roundabout and Toegang Oost.
    • Follow the signage for safe and smooth passage.
    • Use the zebra crossing to cross the ring road to Toegang Oost. Crossing the ring road at any other place to Toegang Oost is not safe.
  • Here and there, the cycle path will be rearranged. Follow the signposts.
    • The bicycle parking remains accessible and two-way traffic on the entire campus ring road remains possible.

More info on the roadworks.

There is also a bike point on campus, where bikes are repaired and bike parts and accessories can be purchased.
More on services and exact location on campus.

Need help with transport?

If, as a patient, you do not have transport to and from the hospital, you can call on a patient transport service.

To do so, contact your health insurance fund.

Two entrances to the hospital: Toegang Oost and Toegang West

UZ Leuven campus Gasthuisberg has two entrances: Toegang Oost (formerly also called central reception hall) and Toegang West.
There is a car and bicycle parking area at both Toegang Oost and Toegang West.

From both entrances, all consultations and units can be reached and there is signposting with coloured arrows.


Toegang Oost:

  • online via the app mynexuzhealth (fastest)
  • at a kiosk
  • at a hospital staff member's office

Toegang West:

  • online via the app mynexuzhealth (fastest)
  • at a kiosk
  • at a hospital employee: follow the red arrow to the reception desk

Which entrance to choose?

Depending on the location of your appointment or the unit you are visiting, Toegang Oost or Toegang West may be closer.

As a motorist or cyclist, please go to the entrance nearest to you.
Check your confirmation letter or contact the medical service to find out which entrance that is.

More info on parking on campus Gasthuisberg.

As a bus passenger, take Toegang Oost: the bus stop is at Toegang Oost.
Do you need to go to a consultation or unit located at Toegang West? Expect approximately 10 minutes' walking time. Wheelchairs are available for those with reduced mobility.

Last edit: 2 March 2024