Parking at the Gasthuisberg campus

There is paid parking at the Gasthuisberg campus. You can pay when you leave the hospital by using the ticket machines. Read more about parking, parking fees, charging points for electric cars ...

Picking up and dropping off people

Patients or visitors with reduced mobility may be dropped off or picked up at the kiss-and-ride area. 

  • There is a kiss-and-ride area at both parking West and parking East (the ticket you receive when you enter, can also be used for leaving. You don't have to go past the pay terminals)
  • You can leave your car behind (for a short time) to accompany a patient to the hospital or to collect a patient. 
  • There are wheelchairs in the parking and at the entrance.
  • The kiss-and-ride area at the main entrance (access East) is only accessible for taxis.
    Private vehicles can stop for a maximum of 5 minutes to drop off or to collect someone with reduced mobility. 

Parking East

  • Located at Het Teken roundabout.
  • Formerly known as 'Visitors' parking' (bezoekersparking)
  • Follow the signs to P Oost on the Gasthuisberg campus ringroad. 
  • Includes a covered area and an open-air area.
  • Maximum height: covered parking: 2 m / open air parking: no height restrictions
  • LPG vehicles are only allowed in the open air area. 
  • Motor bikes can park in the open air parking on level 1 (check signs)
  • Walking time to entrance East (the former main entrance): 7 minutes - to entrance West: 15 minutes. 

Parking West

  • Located at the Vogelzang roundabout, near the fire brigade.
  • Follow the signs to P West on the Gasthuisberg ringroad. Quickest access via exit 16 on E314 (Gasthuisberg).
  • Completely underground.
  • Maximum height: 2.60 m. Higher vehicles can park on the open-air parking of parking East. 
  • LPG vehicles are not allowed - park on the open-air parking of parking East.
  • Motor bikes can park on level 0 (check the signs).
  • Walking time to entrance West: 4 minutes - to entrance East (the former main entrance): 15 minutes.

Extra wide parking spaces accommodate easy getting in and out of the car. The parking spaces are also reserved for visitors with a pram.

The pink parking area is located at 

  • parking East in the open-air parking, level 0
  • parking West on level +1.

Only available at parking East. 

There are 10 charging stations for electric cars on the rooftop parking of parking oost on level 0. You can recognise the parking places by their green marking. 

  • Suitable for both fast and slow charging
  • 1 car per charging point
  • You can pay via an EV-Point charge card, by SMS or with your smartphone.



There are spaces available on

  • parking East: in the covered parking at level 0, on the open-air parking on level 0.
  • parking West: on level +1

Put your parking card reserved for persons with a disability on the dashboard.

Wheelchairs are available at parking East and parking West.

There are also wheelchiars at entrance East (the former main entrance) and entrance West.

We kindly ask that you always return the wheelchair after use.


Parking west

Need some help?

If you have driven to the hospital yourself but have difficulty walking, you can ask one of our security guards for assistance. Press the info button at the car park barrier three times to be put in touch with a security guard.

Parking charges

There is paid parking on the Gasthuisberg campus. UZ Leuven offers a “care rate” discount for patients.

Read more about parking rates.


You can only park motorhomes and camper vans on parking Onderwijs & Navorsing.

Spending the night in a motorhome (or any other way) on the visitors' parking East and West is not allowed.

Motor bikes

Both in parking East and West, there are parking spaces for motor bikes. 
In parking West the motor bike stand is located on level 0, in parking East in the open-air parking on level 1 – row B. Follow the signs on the parking. 

By bike

Parking East

The bike stand is located diagonally across from entrance East. Walking distance to entrance East is approximately 200 metres. 

Parking West

Cycle along the southern ring road to the crossroads with Berg Taborweg. Use the bike crossing and cycle along the paediatric psychiatry building. .
From the bike stand you can walk directly along the woman, child and genetics building to the hospital entrance. 

Plan with bike stands

Public bike stands Gasthuisberg campus
Last edit: 26 February 2024