Roadworks on Gasthuisberg Campus

Work will continue on the ring road around the Gasthuisberg campus until the end of 2025. The main points of attention: access to both the covered and open-air sections of Parking Oost via the on-ramp complex - local one-way traffic on the ring road - a new location for the bus stop.

Parking Oost: both covered and open-air car parks reachable via entrance complex

  • Both the covered and the open-air parts of Parking Oost are accessible via the entrance complex since 18 December 2023.
  • As such, there are no longer separate entrances for the two parts of the car park.
  • After entering the complex, follow the arrows to the car park of your choice.
  • More about parking at UZ Leuven.

Car traffic: local one-way traffic on the ring road

Local one-way traffic still applies to motorised traffic on the Gasthuisberg Campus ring road. All destinations on campus, including the ER, will remain easily accessible.

Are you coming in via the E314 off-ramp 16 (Gasthuisberg)? Due to local one-way traffic, you'll have to follow a diversion if you want to reach Toegang Oost, Parking Oost, Day Hospital Surgery and the ER.

The K+R at Toegang Oost will remain accessible. Since 16 October 2023, you can only leave via the southern side of the ring. For Parking Oost, follow the ring road via Vogelzang roundabout. From there, follow the signs to Parking Oost.

New location for the bus stop since 6 September 2023

From 6 September 2023, the bus stop is in a new location close to Toegang Oost.

From the bus stop, reach Toegang Oost via the glass walkway. Follow the arrows on site.

The old bus stop has largely been converted into a works zone as part of the redevelopment of the southern part of the ring, for which works are now moving more towards Toegang Oost.

One-way traffic for motorised traffic will apply locally between Het Teken roundabout and Berg Taborweg. Two-way traffic will remain possible for cyclists and pedestrians. 

The road works are part of the redevelopment of the southern side of the campus ring road leading to Toegang Oost, the bus station and the ER.


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Last edit: 2 March 2024