Your stay on the ward

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Meals are served in your room. You can pick your meal yourself via the interactive screen at your bedside. Dietary requirements are taken into account. A dietician can advise you on your diet during and after your stay.
The hospital has a wide range of books, comics and board games that you can borrow free of charge. Can't leave your room? Order a book, comic or DVD online via your bedside screen or ask the nurse for the catalogue and have reading material delivered to your room.
De ziekenhuisschool organiseert gratis onderwijs voor kinderen en jongeren tijdens hun opname in UZ Leuven.
There is a hair salon in the hospital. Ask for an appointment via the nurse a few days in advance. The hairdresser can also visit your room. Hairdressing fees are charged via the hospital bill.
You can receive mail and parcels at the ward. Make sure your full first name and surname are listed at the top of the ward address. Mail to be sent may be given to the nurse with postage paid or you may post it yourself in the mailbox at the hospital entrance.
If your child is admitted to a paediatric nursing unit, the rooming in of either parent is always possible. In some situations, rooming in with an adult patient is also possible. UZ Leuven also offers some lodging options in and close to the hospital. See all the possibilities here.
Patients staying at Gasthuisberg campus for at least 7 days can see their dog or cat in the pet visiting room under certain conditions.
Patients staying at Gasthuisberg campus can call on a volunteer to accompany them out of the room for a while. This is how we contribute to the wellbeing of our hospitalised patients.

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The info on this page applies to each hospitalisation ward. More information on the specific rules, facilities and contact details for each ward can be found on that ward's page.

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Last edit: 1 March 2024