Your stay on the ward

Read more about meals and facilities on the ward.


Meals will be served in your room. You can choose your preferred meal using the interactive screen near your bed. Any dietary requirements will be taken into account. A dietician is available to provide dietary advice during and after your stay.

Parents and visitors are welcome to eat in the restaurant on each campus.

Bringing your own food or drinks?

The refrigerator in your room is not suitable for storing perishable foods and fresh meals. If you would like to store such items, ask whether your ward has a central refrigerator available.

If you would like to bring and store your own food and drink at the hospital, please make sure:

  • It is packaged in small portions that are individually sealed.
  • Any fruit you bring (in small amounts) is not bruised or damaged.

Facilities on the ward

Interactive screen: Octopuz

Most rooms are equipped with interactive screens (Octopuz) by the side of the bed(s). You can use Octopuz to watch TV, listen to the radio, make telephone calls, surf the internet, choose your meals and find information about your stay at UZLeuven.

If you need more information, feel free to ask a nurse.


The hospital offers an extensive range of free books, comic books and board games you can borrow.

If you are unable to leave your room, just ask your nurse for the catalogue and we will deliver any books to your room.

Hospital school

Free education is available to children and young people between 2.5 and 18 years of age at the hospital school during their stay. The head nurse of the ward your child is staying on will be happy to provide more information.

Questions and contact

Hospital school


You can ask the nurse whether a hairdresser is available to visit your room.

Alternatively, you can schedule an appointment at the hairdresser’s at the Gasthuisberg or Pellenberg campuses.

Make sure you submit your request to the nurse a few days in advance. You will not need to pay your hairdresser’s bill immediately; you will be notified of the cost and it will be added to your hospital invoice.


You can request a pedicure via your nurse. The cost will be added to your hospital invoice.


Your illness and hospital admission are likely to trigger a whole range of emotions and thoughts.

Members of the chaplaincy team are on hand to support you through conversation and ritual. The chaplains operate from a Christian perspective, with attention and appreciation for everyone’s philosophical background. If required, we can contact representatives from recognised religions.

It is also possible to request communion. Ask the chaplain on your ward or enquire with your nurse.

If you need a quiet space to reflect, you are welcome to visit the multifaith area at any time of day or night: just look out for the yellow arrow on Level 1.


Receiving post

Make sure you ask anyone writing to you to use the right address format:

  • Your name
  • Number of your ward
  • Room number
  • Campus address

Sending post

Give any letters you would like to send to the nurse or post them yourself. A postbox is available near the entrance of reception of every campus.

Greeting cards via the website

UZ Leuven offers the option to send a greeting card to a hospitalised patient via

The personalised greeting card will be printed by our staff and delivered to the ward where the patient is staying. This service is free of charge.

Last edit: 4 July 2023