Going home after your admission

Your treating doctor will determine when you are ready for discharge from hospital. Before your discharge, discuss with your healthcare providers how to best prepare for the discharge date.

Ask for all certificates and discharge documents you need in time. When leaving the room, check that you have not left any personal belongings behind.

Help and support at home

Where can you go to get help at home? Where can you arrange medical aids for the home environment (hospital bed, walking frame, etc.)? What are the options for transport from hospital to home (taxi, patient transport, etc.)? Our social workers will be happy to advise you on the possibilities and help you on your way.


After a consultation or admission, your treatment plan may change. The doctor or nurse will go over all changes so that you are well informed. If you need medication, the doctor will prepare a prescription so you can collect your medication or health products from the (hospital) pharmacy.

Did you bring your own medication with you before your admission? Then ask for it back before you leave.


Once the doctor has cleared you to go home, the nurse will arrange medication and other matters for your discharge.

Do not leave without having all your discharge records in order. In any case, notify a nurse before you leave.

How was it? Flemish Patient Survey

We would love to hear your feedback on your stay and the care provided. Your feedback helps us to do even better.

Every patient admitted to UZ Leuven receives an invitation to complete a short questionnaire.

Read more about the satisfaction survey

Dropping people off and picking them up

Patients or visitors who have trouble getting around can be brought or picked up at kiss-and-ride zones.

  • There is a kiss-and-ride zone:
    • at the East entrance (Toegang Oost) - on the ring road, follow the arrows towards P Oost
      This K+R zone will remain accessible even during the roadworks. To drive away, follow the signposts at the works.
    • in Parking West (next to the West entrance: Toegang West) - on the ring road, follow the arrows towards P West
      The ticket you received when you entered will also be used when you leave. You do not need to stop by the pay machine.
  • At these K+R zones, you can briefly leave the car to accompany or pick up a patient to or from the hospital access area.
    Want to accompany a patient to the consultation or the unit itself? Then park your car in car Parking Oost or Parking West.
  • There are wheelchairs in the car parks and at the entrances.
  • For day hospital surgery, choose the K+R area at Toegang Oost.
  • There is a separate K+R zone for emergency services. 
Last edit: 2 March 2024