Flemish Patient Survey

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We are always happy to hear your thoughts on your stay and the care you received. Your feedback will help us provide even better care in future.

Every patient admitted to UZ Leuven will receive an invitation to complete a brief survey. can do so in two different ways:

During your stay, using the Octopuz screen

During your stay in hospital, a request to complete the survey will pop up regularly on your Octopuz screen. You can also find the survey by navigating to ‘My records’ on the screen and clicking ‘Surveys’.

After you have been discharged, via www.mynexuzhealth.be

As soon as you are discharged, an e-mail will be sent to your home address. This message will contain instructions on how to complete the survey.

About the survey

The survey we use has been developed by the independent Flemish Patient Survey (VPP) in cooperation with the Flemish government. Based on your replies, we will take action to improve care and services for all patients.

Want to see the results? The Flemish Patient Survey is used in more than 60 hospitals across Flanders. You can view the results for UZ Leuven and various other hospitals on the www.zorgkwaliteit.be website.

Last edit: 21 March 2023