Flemish Patient Survey

To map the experiences of our patients, here at UZ Leuven we use the Flemish Patient Survey (Vlaamse Patiëntenpeiling, VPP).

This is a questionnaire developed by the Flemish Government and the Flemish Patients' Platform that gauges various elements that are important during a hospital admission or an outpatient stay.

This questionnaire is administered in more than 50 hospitals in Flanders. This allows us as UZ Leuven to know how we are doing compared to other hospitals, and where we can still take steps to improve.

VPP as the start of an improvement process

Based on the scores our patients award us, we set to work at UZ Leuven to set up improvement measures. We do this both hospital-wide and in the various nursing departments.

Filling in the VPP

We would love to know how our patients experienced their stay in hospital. After all, this way we can take steps to make our care and services even better!

Every patient admitted to UZ Leuven, or staying in a day hospital, is invited to fill in the Flemish Patient Survey (Vlaamse Patiëntenpeiling, VPP). For our paediatric patients, we ask parents to complete this questionnaire. This can be done in two ways:

During your stay, via the Octopuz screen

At regular intervals during your hospital stay, you will be prompted on the Octopuz screen to complete the questionnaire. You can also find the questionnaire by going on the
screen to 'my file' and then to 'surveys'.

After your discharge, via www.mynexuzhealth.be

You will be sent an e-mail at home at the time of your discharge. This will contain instructions on how to complete the questionnaire.


You can find the results for UZ Leuven, as well as all other hospitals where the VPP is administered, via the website www.zorgkwaliteit.be. Why not have a look for yourself?

Last edit: 26 February 2024