Whom to inform of your admission

Remember to inform your health insurance provider, hospitalisation insurance provider and your GP as soon as your admission is planned and arranged.

Health insurance provider

The hospital will also notify your health insurance provider of your admission. But if this admission is the result of an accident, notify your health insurance provider explicitly. Also enquire there about any certificates that need to be completed at the time of your admission.

Hospitalisation insurance provider

Notify your insurance company if it contributes to hospitalisation costs. Again, ask for the necessary forms.

UZ Leuven has concluded contracts with a number of insurance companies to offer the costs borne by the patient directly to the insurance company. This requires a payment agreement from your insurance company for each admission. Please check with your insurance company in a timely manner.

If you have hospitalisation insurance, read your policy again before your admission. That way you will know exactly which costs the insurance will reimburse and which it will not.

General Practitioner

For the sake of clarity, inform your GP of the planned admission. After all, they will receive the examination results and medical data afterwards.



Are you an employee? Then provide within two working days:

  • A certificate of incapacity for work to your employer.
  • The certificate of work disability to the advisory doctor of the health insurance fund.

Civil servants

Civil servants have the compulsory certificates filled in by the doctor treating them. Ask your administration for these certificates.

Self-employed persons

If needed, the self-employed submit a certificate of work disability to the health insurance fund within 60 days.

Last edit: 23 February 2024