Health and hospital insurance for admissions

Health insurance fund

Most of the costs of your hospital stay are paid by the health insurance fund. Your hospital bill will clearly state which costs are charged to the health insurance fund and which costs you still have to pay yourself. If necessary, ask your health insurance fund in advance which costs will be reimbursed.

Don't have valid health insurance in Belgium?

In this case, you must pay your bill in full. Contact the social work service for more information on your right to financial assistance.

Hospitalisation insurance

Do you have hospitalisation insurance?

  • Inform your insurance company before your admission.
  • If necessary, ask your insurer in advance which costs will be reimbursed. You can also check this in your insurance policy.

Your invoice directly sent to your insurer

The hospital can send your invoice directly to your insurance company. To do so, you must be insured with one of the following insurance companies:

  • AG Insurance
  • Alan Insurance
  • Allianz
  • Axa Belgium
  • Baloise Insurance
  • Belfius Insurance
  • DKV
  • DVV Insurance
  • Ethias
  • HealthCare4U
  • KBC Insurance
  • MedExel
  • Van Breda Risks & Benefits
  • VMOB HospiPlus

Your insurer may send you another invoice for costs not covered by your policy.

Inform your insurer

Even if you are covered by one of these insurances, you should inform your insurance company of your admission in good time.

The hospital can only invoice your insurer directly if the insurance company gives its approval.


Last edit: 1 March 2024