What is the procedure for an admission via a hospital ward?

Do you have to undergo an operation, where you are first admitted to a hospitalisation ward and return to your hospitalisation ward after your operation. How will your journey unfold? How can you best prepare?

Are you sick on the day of your surgery? Or do you have a fever? If so, notify the operating room immediately: call 016 34 30 01.

Your entire journey in view (video in Dutch)

Your entire journey in view (video in Dutch)

Preparing for your admission

  • What should you bring with you?
  • What type of room will you choose?
  • Whom should you inform about your admission?
  • How will your stay unfold?
  • How will you pay?

See all practical information about your admission.

Want to know more about the ward?

The info on this page applies to each hospitalisation ward. More information on the specific rules, facilities and contact details for each ward can be found on that ward's page.

See the overview of the hospital wards
Last edit: 1 March 2024