Choice of room

Your choice of room has important consequences for your hospital invoice. Depending on the room you choose, additional charges and fees will be calculated.

Choose your room during the consultation

The physician will take note of your room preference during your consultation.

  • You will be assigned a bed in a shared room as standard.
  • If you would prefer a single room, please let your physician know.
  • The number of single rooms is limited. If there are no single rooms available, you will be given a shared room until a single room becomes available.

Parents are usually able to stay in their children’s rooms day and night (“rooming-in”).

It goes without saying that the type of room you will be staying in will not affect the quality of care you will receive. However, your choice of room will have an impact on your hospital invoice.

Changing your choice of room

If you would like to change your choice of a single room or shared room, feel free to ask the admissions team whether another type of room is available.


Admissions team

Confirming your choice of room

On the day of your registration, signing the admission statement will serve as final confirmation of your room choice. The statement also contains the exact charges.

Accommodation for your family

UZ Leuven works together with The Lodge-group so that family members and next of kin of out- and inpatient can stay near the hospital at reduced rates

Read more about accomodation for your family
Last edit: 1 February 2023