Hospitalisatie 24

This semi-intensive ward mainly houses patients with heart conditions.

Welcome to our ward

You or your loved one have been admitted to the cardiovascular diseases department, on a semi-intensive ward. This means that we constantly monitor your heart rhythm by telemetry. Admission to our ward is necessary after a complex procedure or because of the severity of the situation.

Hospitalisatie 24 works closely with the other hospitalisation wards within the cardiovascular diseases department and with the neighbouring intensive care unit for cardiac patients (intensieve zorg 4).

To make your stay as smooth and pleasant as possible, you will find all the necessary information on this page. We hope this info is a good guide for you and your loved ones during your admission to our ward. We wish you a speedy recovery and a pleasant stay in our hospital.


UZ Leuven gasthuisberg campus
Hospitalisatie 24
Herestraat 49
3000 Leuven

Location and accessibility


Mail for patients

Would you like to send the patient a card or a letter? Please put the patient's full first name and surname before the address above.

Visiting hours

Visits are possible every day at set times:

  • For the odd-numbered rooms and beds (101, 103, 104/1, 105/1, 106/1, 107/1, 108/1, 109/1):
    • from 13:30 to 14:30
    • from 17:30 to 18:30
  • For the even-numbered rooms and beds (102, 104/2, 105/2, 106/2, 107/2, 108/2, 109/2):
    • from 14:30 to 15:30
    • from 18:30 to 19:30
  • Limit visiting time to a maximum of 1 hour.
  • Come with a maximum of two visitors per patient at the same time.

Any exceptions to the standard visiting times can be requested and discussed with the head nurse on duty and/or ward supervisor.

Respect the house rules.


During your stay

Most patients on this ward have impaired immunity. Therefore, a few specific measures are needed. Simple precautions help stop the spread of bacteria and thus prevent hospital infections.
Wear your identification wristband throughout your hospital stay. If it should come off for any reason, ask your nurse for a new wristband. Check that all the information on the wristband is correct.
On this ward, you can request a single room. The admissions department will take this into account according to availability. Single rooms are used at most for patients requiring isolation and critically ill patients. Please check in advance with your insurer whether the extra cost of a single room is included in your insurance policy.
For anyone wishing to stay near the hospital, UZ Leuven and The Lodge-group offer rooms at a preferential rate.

Telemetry: monitoring your heart rhythm

  • On this ward, we monitor your heart rhythm day and night using a telemetry transmitter. Telemetry is a way of continuously observing your heart rhythm. 

    Your heart is a muscle activated by an electrical stimulus. The telemetry transmitter does nothing but observe that stimulus. Thus, the transmitter does not send stimuli to your body, but captures the heart's electronic stimuli and converts them into a signal. 

    In this way, your heart rhythm is monitored even at times when the caregivers are not looking at the monitor.

Leaving the department

Please note: because you are wearing a telemetry transmitter that tracks your heart rate, you cannot leave the ward without the doctor's permission and only when accompanied by a nurse or paramedics (e.g. physiotherapist).

Mobile phone use prohibited

Intensive care units use a lot of sensitive equipment that is vital for patients. Mobile phone use can interfere with the operation of those devices. Therefore, it is forbidden to use a mobile phone inside the intensive care unit.

In the rest of the hospital, mobile phone use is of course allowed.



Care team

Extra support - The social worker

Are you worried about your illness, family, work or financial situation? Both you and your family members are welcome to have a confidential conversation with the social worker.

The social worker will work together with you to find solutions, give advice on social services to which you are entitled and will help you with questions about insurance and certificates. If needed, the social worker will refer you to external services.

Ask the nurse or call in person on +32 16 34 86 20.

In need of conversation or a listening ear? Ask for the pastor.

Illness and hospitalisation are often thought-provoking. Do you need a quiet, confidential conversation?

There is a pastor working in the ward who - regardless of your philosophy of life - can lend a listening ear if you are having a difficult time or have life questions.

Ask for a pastor via the nurse.


Last edit: 4 June 2024