Identification wristband

To facilitate your identification, we ask you to wear the identification wristband throughout your admission.

You will be given this wristband when you are admitted to the emergency department or at registration. 

Please check that all the information on the wristband is correct.

Do not take off this wristband and warn the nurse if it should come off for any reason or if it is damaged.

The nurse will scan the barcode on your wristband before each administration of medication.


Healthcare providers ask for your name

During a hospital admission, you will come into contact with many healthcare providers (doctors, nurses, etc.) who are jointly responsible for surrounding you with the best care.

Every healthcare provider has a part to play in this. As it is important that everyone knows who you are at all times, you will notice that at various points during your treatment, people will ask for your name and date of birth again or check your identification wristband for these details.

When administering medication, this is done by scanning the barcode on the identification wristband.

Last edit: 5 May 2024