Bedside scanning: safe administration of medication

To administer medication, we scan the barcode of the medicine and the barcode on your identification wristband. Scanned medication is then automatically checked against the electronic medical prescription and any potential interactions with other medicines you receive.
Verpleegkundige scant identificatiebandje bij patiƫnt


When you are admitted to the hospital, you are immediately given a identification wristband. That way we always know who you are. 

For the administration of medication, the nurses will scan the bar codes on the medication itself and on the wristband.


Scanning is done right before the medication is administered. Medicines are packed unit-dose and are provided with a scannable bar code. 

Automatic check

Scanned medication is automatically checked against the electronic medical prescription and potential interactions with other medication the patient takes. 

Only when we are dealing with the right medication, the right time, the right patient, and no interactions are detected, the medication can be administered. 


Research has shown that bedside scanning can significantly reduce medication errors. 

Since the introduction of bedside scanning in UZ Leuven we have seen an increase in patient safety by preventing medication errors. In addition, thanks to this technology, it enables us to ensure a quicker traceability of medication. 

Last edit: 15 March 2022