Collaboration proton centre PARTICLE

The Particle Therapy Interuniversity Centre Leuven – or PARTICLE for short - is an interuniversity project of the University Hospitals Leuven - KU Leuven and Cliniques universitaires Saint-Luc ∙ UCLouvain, supported by UZ Gent, CHU UCL Namur, UZ Brussel and UZA

The proton therapy centre is located on the 'Health Sciences campus Gasthuisberg' of the University Hospitals Leuven and is both architecturally and organisationally part of the department for radiotherapy-oncology of UZ Leuven. What's more, embedding the proton centre on the campus of an academic hospital will provide several important benefits:

  • Treatment preparation can be done within the existing radiotherapy-oncology department;
  • There is an optimal integration with the supporting departments (e.g. imaging, anaesthesiology, the paediatric hospital ...).
  • There is a maximal connection with the clinical care paths that employ proton therapy (e.g. paediatrics).

The proton centre will not only accommodate physicians from the University Hospitals Leuven, but also a number of colleagues from some of the radiotherapy-oncology departments of the partners mentioned above. Patients can be helped in either Dutch or French.

The centre’s mission is much more than just clinical care. It also includes education & training, and research & development. It's also in these areas that we look for close collaboration with various national and international leading academic partners and research institutes (such as for example SCK-CEN, the Nuclear Research Centre in Mol), as well as with industrial partners (such as IBA, the supplier of the proton therapy devide). The proton therapy centre is also part of the European Particle Therapy Network’ (EPTN)

Last edit: 24 May 2022