Submit study with human body material to EC Research (secondary use)

Compile the file


The following are mandatory for a valid application:


If relevant for your study, the following components are also submitted:

E.g. Clinical Trial Agreement, Material/Data Transfer agreement, Confidentiality agreement, contract access KWS, etc.

Prepare the file

Only one file per component can be uploaded.

Do you have several files per component?  Group them in a compressed folder (zip-file).

Submit the study

When you start your application, you need to complete the whole process.

Do you have all the components?

Artificialized or extracted human body material 

For artificialised and extracted material, when they are not used for genetic research it suffices to submit the research project and its purpose to EC Research. The researcher is responsible for complying with all conditions (i.a. not being used for genetic research…) and confirms this in a (short) declaration we provide (cf. highlighted below). If EC Research does not express any concern within 28 (calendar) days after receipt of the research project and the completed declaration, the research project can start and registration in a biobank is not needed anymore. It also implies that artificialised and extracted material, when they are not used for genetic research, can be imported and exported without the need to involve a biobank, can be used without consent of the donor, are not subject to traceability requirements (towards the donor) and are exempt from obligations to report incidental findings.

Declaration for research with artificialised and extracted material when they are not used for genetic research

Protocol for transfer artificialized or extracted human body material 

EC, in collaboration with Leuven Research & Development (LRD) and the Biobank, has developed a new protocol template. This protocol is specifically designed for the transfer of artificialized and extracted material from a researcher at KU Leuven to a third party.

This protocol requires close collaboration between both parties: the 'provider-scientist' (the researcher from KU Leuven) and the 'recipient-scientist' (the receiving researcher). Certain essential data must be provided by the 'provider-scientist', while other information needs to be submitted and supplemented by the 'recipient-scientist'.

Please submit the protocol via The EC will then assign a unique S-number to the project.

Last edit: 22 January 2024