Who should you inform about your admission?

Remember to inform your health insurance provider, hospitalisation insurance and your GP as soon as your admission is planned and arranged.

Health insurance provider

The hospital will also inform your health insurance provider of your admission. However, if your admission is the result of an accident, you should make this clear to your health insurance provider. You should also ask about any certificates that may need to be completed when you are admitted.

Hospital insurance provider

You should inform your insurance company in case it will be reimbursing any part of your hospital costs. Again, make sure you ask about any forms they may require. UZ Leuven has entered into contracts with several insurance companies to pass any costs charged to the patient directly to the insurance company. To use these arrangements, you will need a payment agreement from your insurer for every admission. Make sure you contact your insurance company in good time.

If you have hospital insurance, make sure you read your policy thoroughly prior to admission. That way, you will know for sure which costs your insurance will reimburse and which costs will be yours to pay.


It is best to make sure your GP is aware of your scheduled hospital admission, as he or she will receive your examination results and medical details once you have been discharged.

Last edit: 24 January 2020