UZ/KU Leuven biobank

The UZ/KU Leuven Biobank acts as the sole notified biobank of the Leuven Health Science Campus. As a result, any scientific research which includes the collection, storage and/or use of HBM at the Leuven Health Science Campus has to be a.o. approved by and registered with this Biobank.

Assessment of the study protocol

All scientific research that includes the procurement and/or use of HBM, regardless of the origin, type of material, use of the biospecimens and destination of the samples, requires to have biobank approval prior to the start of the research.

To obtain this approval, an application must be submitted to the UZ/KU Leuven biobank as soon as the study is registered (i.e. S-number available) at the UZ Leuven clinical trial center. The approval of the biobank for the provision of the HBM is a mandatory element for a dossier to be admissible to the ethics committee research UZ / KU Leuven.


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Last edit: 24 February 2021