Dagziekenhuis 11

This day hospital sees patients from the disciplines of gastro-intestinal and liver diseases, geriatrics en general internal medicine.


Day hospital

  • Allergy: skin tests, medication and food provocations
  • Infusion unit
  • Liver day centre
  • Urology: test urinals
  • Preparation for examinations
For whom?
  • Patients aged 75 years and over (excluding fall clinic > 65 years)
  • Geriatric profile
  • Referral via your GP or a specialist
  • A prior telephone consultation between your GP or specialist and a physician assistant or supervisor at the day hospital is recommended
  • Regardless of the referrer, a written referral from the general practitioner is always required
What can you visit the geriatric day hospital for?
  • General geriatric assessment (medical, functional, cognitive and social) by a multidisciplinary team, whether or not in combination with pre-planned examinations. In consultation with the referring physician, various examinations can be scheduled in advance. We try to schedule these appointments on the same day if possible.
  • Administration of intravenous medication: e.g. as part of the treatment of osteoporosis or iron deficiency.
  • Blood transfusion
  • Geriatric paramedical evaluation:
    • Evaluating older individuals to support other services in their choice of treatment. e.g. prior to cardiac surgery or cancer therapy.
    • Following up patients in external rehabilitation and recovery pathways that we collaborate with e.g. OOTT project.
  • Memory clinic
  • Fall clinic

The multidisciplinary team of the geriatric day hospital consists of a geriatrician, a geriatrician-in-training, a nurse, a neuropsychologist, a physiotherapist, an occupational therapist and a social worker. If necessary, care providers from other disciplines may be called upon.

Preparing for your appointment Practical
  • Have a family member or close relative accompany you. Their presence may be useful to provide the treatment team with additional information and to discuss the results with you afterwards. The day hospital nurse can inform your relative when it is best for them to attend.
  • A visit to the geriatric day hospital may take a full day.
  • If not all examinations can be carried out in one day or if complex problems require further examination, an additional appointment will be made at the geriatric day hospital.
  • As a patient, you will be offered a sandwich meal with soup in the afternoon at the geriatric day hospital. Accompanying persons can go to the visitors' cafeteria for a meal.
Bring with you

Be sure to bring the following:

  • Identity card
  • Referral letter signed by GP
  • Recent medication schedule
  • Medication you need to take that day, even if you need to come to your examinations on an empty stomach. You can then take your medication after the examinations.
  • Recent (lab) results from your GP (e.g. blood test)

If applicable:

  • Glasses and/or reading glasses
  • Hearing aids
  • Walking aid(s): walker, walking frame, cane ...
  • Register at the registration desk at the East entrance (Toegang Oost), do not register at a kiosk.
  • Then proceed to Bruine straat, poort 6, niveau 4, letter a (BR 6.4.a).
Results and follow-up

After completion of all examinations, the results are discussed, treatments are started and/or advice is given. If necessary, a follow-up visit at the geriatric day hospital is provided. All results of the examinations and the treatment initiated will be provided to your GP.


UZ Leuven gasthuisberg campus
Dagziekenhuis 11
Herestraat 49
3000 Leuven

Location and accessibility


  • The designated car park for this department is parking Oost.


Last edit: 2 May 2024