Overview of admission costs

Read more about accommodation costs, fees, medicine costs and other (non-medical) costs.

Most of the cost of your hospital stay is paid by the health insurance fund. You yourself always pay a lump sum for your stay and care. This is a fixed amount per overnight stay - regardless of which type of room you stay in - which is fixed by law.

  1st day From day 2 From day 91
with preferential rate
€ 6,76 € 6,76 € 6,76
Child, dependent person € 34,03 € 6,76 € 6,76
Long-term unemployed
(single person or head of household)
and his/her dependants
€ 34,03 € 6,76 € 6,76
Entitled person with
dependant person and
their dependants
€ 46,31 € 19,04 € 6,76
Other entitled person € 46,31 € 19,04 € 19,04

Type of room

The choice of your room determines whether you pay room and fee supplements.

Read more about room choice.

Flat rate for reimbursable medicines

Per day you are admitted, you pay € 0.62 for reimbursable medicines.

This amount is determined by law and is always charged, regardless of whether you used such medicines.

Fees or honoraria


Flat fees are charged when you are admitted, even if you do not use these services.

Clinical biology

Ordinarily insured persons pay € 7.44 for this flat rate.

If you are entitled to increased reimbursement from your health insurance fund, you do not pay anything for this yourself.

Medical imaging and consultation

Ordinarily insured persons pay € 6.20 for this fixed sum.

If you are entitled to an increased allowance from your health insurance fund, you pay € 1.98 for this.

Technical services

Ordinarily insured people pay € 16.40 for this fixed sum.

If you are entitled to an increased allowance from your health insurance fund, you pay nothing for this.


All doctors and authorised healthcare providers charge a fee or honorarium for medical services determined by the National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance (RIZIV/INAMI). Your health insurance fund pays most of these costs. You yourself only pay the statutory personal share (co-payment).

Low-variable care

For a number of interventions and treatments, which differ little between patients and between hospitals, a fixed amount is set for the fees charged. This funding system is called low variable care (laagvariabele zorg, LVZ) or global payment system with standardisation (GPS system).

On your invoice, the procedure covered by this system is shown under the heading "global financing".

Fee supplements

Supplements to these fees are paid by you. Fee supplements are charged only if you stay in a single room at your own request. Supplements amount to a maximum of 150 % compared to the basic amount for benefits in kind.

Read more about room choice.

Assistance from a colleague

Your doctor may enlist the help of a colleague for your treatment or procedure. Therefore, fees may be charged for a doctor you did not meet during your stay.


  • Medicines
  • Prostheses
  • Implants
  • Other medical devices

Depending on the product or material, all or part of the cost will be yours. Ask your doctor what the expected costs are.

Other supplies

Other supplies include blood, blood plasma, blood derivatives, plaster material and ambulance transport. These supplies are charged separately.

Non-medical costs

Non-medical costs you incur during your stay, such as telephone calls, pampers or a haircut at the hairdresser's, fall under the miscellaneous costs category. You pay these costs in full yourself.

You can find the price list of non-medical costs in the admission statement.

Need a cost estimate?

Want to know how much your admission will cost? View a cost estimate per procedure.

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