Klinische studies dienst urologie

Bekijk het overzicht van de studies die op dit moment aangeboden kunnen worden aan patiënten met urologische tumoren en andere urologische problemen.

Blaas- en urinewegentumoren


Phase II prospective trial to evaluate the impact of 18FFDG-PET-CT in stratifying patients with primary muscle invasive bladder cancer and adapting the treatment accordingly.


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Glycosaminoglycan scores for surveillance of recurrence in Leibovich points ≥ 5 non-metastatic clear cell RCC

Overactieve blaas

CARE Studie

Continence Achieved through Recording of Electrophysiology (CARE) Study: A Prospective Study to Evaluate the Safety and Feasibility of using the Closed Loop Medical Sacral Nerve Stimulation System (the Repose™ System) in the treatment of Symptoms of Overactive Bladder

  • Inclusie criteria: oa >= 18 jaar, Chronische OAB (> 12 maanden), Urgentie incontinentie, Onder stabiele OAB medicatie, Restblaasvolume <150cc, Geschikte kandidaat om een SNS-procedure te ondergaan
  • Exclusie criteria: oa Hoofddiagnose stressincontinentie, Neurogene blaas, Interstitiële cystitis, Urinewegobstructie of urethrastrictuur, Botox injecties voor OAB (<9 maanden geleden)
  • Local site Principal Investigator: prof. dr. Frank Van der Aa
  • Sub-investigator: dr. Lucas Landen
  • More information: ACTRN12622000999730



Magnetic detection of sentinel lymph nodes in patients with penile cancer from Belgium

  • Inclusion criteria: Penile cancer, suspected squamous cell carcinoma, ≥ pT1b G2 N0 M0, surgical intervention with a dynamic sentinel node biopsy procedure (using standard intradermal nanocolloid) being part of the surgical plan
  • Local site Principal Investigator (Urology): prof. dr. Maarten Albersen
  • Sub-investigator (Nuclear Medicine): prof. dr. Karolien Goffin
  • More information: dr. Laura Elst (Phd): 016 34 73 58.



Cytoreductive prostatectomy versus standard of care as a Local treatment option for primary Metastatic Prostate cancer: a phase II feasibility trial (LoMP II)

  • Inclusion criteria: Local treatment option for primary metastatic hormone sensitive prostate cancer
  • Study Principal Investigator: prof. dr. Piet Ost (UZ Gent)
  • Local site Principal Investigator: prof. dr. Wouter Everaerts
  • More information: NCT03655886


High precision imaging of prostate specific membrane antigen for personalized treatment in prostate cancer


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Urinaire incontinentie


Diagnostic tool and therapeutic strategy for acute cold-induced urgency (ACIU) part 2: optimizing the protocol

  • Inclusion criteria: All patients with an overactive bladder for which a Urodynamic investigation is scheduled. Note that patients with prior pelvic floor surgery, neurological disorder or peripheral neuropathy are excluded from the study.
  • Local site Principal Investigator: prof. dr. Wouter Everaerts
  • Sub-investigator: prof. dr. Frank Van der Aa
  • More information: dr. Lucas Landen

Urinaire retentie

Er zijn momenteel geen studies beschikbaar.



Multicentric study on Infections of the Urinary tract after Stent removal

  • Inclusion criteria: Patients, 18 years of age and older who receive a ureteral stent during any endoscopic procedure will be approached to participate in the study
  • Local site Principal Investigator: dr. Carl Van Haute
  • Sub-investigator (Urology): prof. dr. Ben Van Cleynenbreugel
  • More information: NCT05329883
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