Scientific research in the proton therapy centre

Discover the types of research done at the proton therapy centre.

Types of research

Research is done in close collaboration with various national and international leading academic centres and research institutes (such as e.g. SCK∙CEN, the Study Centre for Nuclear Energy in Mol) as well as industrial partners (such as IBA, the supplier of the proton therapy device). The proton therapy centre is part of the European Particle Therapy Network’ (EPTN).

Participating in research

If you qualify for a particular study, the treating radiotherapist-oncologist or researcher will ask you to participate in it. They will inform you both orally and in writing about the study.

Your participation in a study is voluntary and can never be done under pressure. This means that you have the right not to participate in the study. Your decision will not affect your relationship with the researcher or your treating physician, nor the quality of your future medical care.


Registration of data

For the reimbursment of the proton therapy treatment by the NIHDI there is mandatory registration of the (follow-up) data with the Stichting Kankerregister. 

Research projects

Some examples of ongoing research projects in which PARTICLE actively participates are:

Last edit: 17 February 2023