For a number of tumour types, it is generally accepted that proton therapy is the most optimal radiotherapy technique.

Proton therapy is standard for the treatment of:

  • A number of cancers in children
  • Certain rare tumours in adults for which existing solutions are inadequate, such as tumours at the base of the skull, close to the spine or close to the optic nerve.

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The Scientific Council and the Accord Council for Hadron Therapy Guidance drafted those so-called standard indications and additional inclusion criteria. The Insurance Committee approved them.

Indications and criteria

Reimbursement for proton therapy

According to current standard indications, it is estimated that 150 to 200 patients per 10 million inhabitants in Belgium are eligible for the reimbursement of proton therapy every year. This number may increase in the future if clinical-scientific research determines new indications for proton therapy.

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Last edit: 17 February 2023